White Court

The White Court is a group of vampires, segregated into multiple close-knit families. While they do provide a united front among those not exposed to in-house politics, there is a good deal of scheming and back stabbing between families, and occasionally within them. Unlike Red or Black Court vampires, the White Court prefers to avoid direct confrontation, and does much of their damage through mind games. This may be due to the fact that, from vampiric standards, they are not endowed with the physical strength of the other Vampire Courts.

Physical performance levels are only slightly better than regular mortals of the same size and physical shape, but are masters of channeling emotional energy as fuel for performance boosts of limited duration. This energy is an internal demonic essence they refer to as “Hunger”. Depending on level of discipline, this Hunger can be controlling to the point that if they go too long without feeding, they are driven into a frenzy which can only be sated by feeding, almost always fatally. If one fights the Hunger long enough, they can drive themselves insane.

While they may be weaker, physically, than other Courts, they have fewer vulnerabilities and are the most human-like group of vampires. They are by no means harmed by sunlight (a good thing in the desert), and symbols of faith have no effect on them.

It is important to note that White Court vampires are born, not made. It is for this reason that White Court numbers are low, compared to Red Court and Black Court vampires. That said, White Court vampires are born as White Court virgins, only becoming true vampires after fatally feeding on a mortal. If a White Court virgin experiences their catch (for example, if a House Raith vampire falls in love) before killing someone, they can escape their demon Hunger and live as a mortal.

White Court blood is pink, rather than red, and if ingested, can act almost like a drug, inducing a state of euphoria.

House Raith

House Raith vampires are sexual predators, feeding on Lust. They have the limitation of True Love, which causes permanent damage, and may result in death. During sexual encounters (or other situations where Lust is heightened), they feed off their prey through direct contact. In addition to their blood being addictive, feeding victims quickly grow to enjoy the experience and develop a bond with their predator, similar to a drug addiction.

Known House Raith vampires include:
Nigel Raith (who leads the Las Vegas House), William Moore, Vivian Harding, Kyle Jameson, and Scott Sullivan.

House Montegna

Giovanni Montegna heads House Montegna, the most powerful House in the Las Vegas valley. Their strength comes when feeding on Greed, a prevalent emotion in casinos along the Strip and beyond. The only other introduced House Montegna member is Antonio Montegna.

White Court

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