Vivian's Penthouse

Vivian's Floor Plan

Vivian’s place isn’t huge, but it is more than enough space for her, considering that she lives alone. Situated on the top floor of the Encore, on the south-facing side of the hotel, her penthouse apartment is approximately 1800 square feet.

When you enter, you walk through a small hallway. The first opening on your right goes to the game room and wet bar, with a powder room off of it. Between the game room and the living room, the wall is full-height, but there is a 2-way fireplace, and the flat panel television is swivel mounted in a recessed box, so the side where you can’t see the picture looks like a flat wall with a piece of modern artwork on it.

The living room area flows to the kitchen and dining areas, as well as the stairs to the upper floor. At the top of the glass-walled staircase is a door that opens to the short hallway. Immediately to your left is the bedroom, which has a king-sized bed and seating area, and also has its own fireplace. The bathroom has a double-sink vanity, a WC, jetted tub large enough for two, and a large stand-alone shower. The stonework in the bathroom is light granite with veins of gold running through it. Off of the bathroom is Vivian’s walk in closet. Beyond the closet is another door, though mostly concealed, unless you knew to look for it.

Through the door is another flight of stairs, which leads to the roof of the Encore. The roof itself is a huge, private area, owned by the White Court. On the roof, there is a large swimming pool as well as a full outdoor kitchen and entertainment space for… well, it’s the length of the hotel, so, at least a few hundred people.

A Little More Information…

Vivian’s taste is what would be best described as “modern”, bordering on masculine. She likes clean lines, and contrasting colors, at least for furnishings. For instance, the walls in the game room (as with most of the rest of the penthouse) are a warm winter white, but the bar itself is silver-veined black granite. The barstools are black leather with brushed steel legs, rather than the typical chrome you tend to see. The colors in the game room make the blood red felt of the pool table stand out. Murano glass fixtures hang from the ceiling and there are lights in the corners of the room, giving it a warmer ambiance.

In the living room, you’re looking at more winter white, but the wall surrounding the fireplace and swivel wall are a velvety steel gray. In front of the fireplace is a black area rug that the microsuede couch and matching chairs edge. The glass and wrought iron coffee table is centered on the rug. To complement the black rug, the dining room has a cream colored one that sits beneath the ebony chairs and table, which she rarely uses. Modern fixtures and stainless appliances are the kitchen’s focal points.

Once you leave the main floor, you leave behind the ebony and koa hardwood for softer lines of carpeted flooring. More winter white flows up the stairs, and the wall of glass overlooking the dining and living rooms also provides a view of the southern end of the Strip.

After you go through the door at the top of the stairs, you enter a short hallway that branches either in the direction of the bathroom, the closet, or the bedroom. The closet shelving (yes, the layout images show all kinds of hangers, but it’s more of a full built-in wall unit with drawers and multi-level hanging spaces, as well as a wall of angled shelves for shoes) is ebony, which matches the night stands, headboard, and sitting table in Vivian’s bedroom.

The stairway to the roof is actually quite industrial, with steel stairs and while quite insulated, one would have the feeling that they were stepping into a simple steel-shell access way. Essentially, they are, but because it is technically part of Vivian’s penthouse, it is climate controlled.

The pool on the roof is stunning and well-maintained; kept at a constant 82 degrees throughout the year. It is by no means an Olympic sized pool, but it is just shy of it at 47 meters in length, and 3 standard lanes wide. On the rooftop, there are lounge chairs, sun beds, and even a number of cabanas. When the weather is right, there are even spaces set up for outdoor massages.

Rooftop pool

Vivian's Penthouse

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