Stress and Consequences

During conflict, or during scenes that are taxing on the character (such as a Red Court Infected in a pool of blood), there are stresses that the character undergoes. If you’re looking for detailed information on how Stress and Consequences work, check out Page 201 of DFRPG – Your Story.

To calculate Stress and Consequences (written out because the plus sign is evil on the Portal):
Stress is EQUAL TO your Stunts and Powers Shifts PLUS your Weapon Rating MINUS your Armor Rating

These consequences cancel out 2 stress. They last for a single scene after recovery starts. Examples of mild stress/consequence: Bruised Hand, Nasty Shiner, Winded, Flustered, Distracted.

Cancel out 4 stress, but these last until the end of the next session after recovery begins. These would be things that would make you say “Dude, you really should get that taken care of/get some rest!” Such consequences include things like Belly Slash, Bad First Degree Burn, Twisted Ankle, Exhausted, Drunk.

These will cancel out 6 stress. They last for the next scenario (or 2 – 3 sessions, whichever is longer) after recovery has started. These would be things that would make you say “Dude, you should really go to the ER/get some serious help.” Examples of Severe Stress: Compound Fracture, Bad Second-Degree Burn, Crippling Shame, Trauma-Induced Phobia.

These cancel out 8 stress and are permanent. An extreme stress/consequence will change an existing aspect on your character.

Stress and Consequences

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