Red Court

Red Court vampires can best be described as “bat creatures in masks of flesh”. They can blend into society in their human guises, however, behind sensual and beautiful human costumes. They can seduce mortals with a single “Kiss”, wherein their saliva contains a powerful narcotic-like substance that will addict their prey almost immediately. Their addicted mortal victims can essentially become their pawns, and will go to great lengths to protect their masters.

Incredibly fast and unbelievably strong, Red Court vampires can withstand most injuries, healing quickly, unless their bellies are slashed and their blood spilled; an injury that proves fatal. They are vulnerable to sunlight, though it will not kill them. Articles of faith also affect them in that they are repelled by them.

Becoming a Red Court vampire is a two-step process. First, a mortal is infected by a bite, where the addictive saliva is directly passed on into the victim’s blood stream. This causes an intense thirst for blood which is difficult, but not impossible to resist. Red Court Infected immediately gain supernatural speed, strength, and endurance, and their aging process slows significantly, though doesn’t quite stop. Infected strong-willed humans can stave off feeding for an indefinite amount of time by various means (regular exposure to sunlight, Tattoos of St. Giles, and avoiding intimate physical contact have been known to help).

When an Infected human gives in to the blood lust and kills a victim from feeding, there is no going back (not that one can go back to mortal from an infected state).

Red Court

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