Quick Reference - Powers and Stunts

Creature Features (p162–165)

Addictive Saliva [-1] Fists maneuver, or weaponless Fists attack for mental stress. Out of combat, Deceit+2 vs. Discipline to inflict “Addicted” consequence. Tag “Addicted” for free once/scene.
Aquatic [-1] Doesn’t drown; ignore water-based borders.
Breath Weapon [-2] Weapon:2, one zone away.
Claws [-1] Weapon: 2 for Fists attacks. Stacks with Strength!
Venomous [-2] Fists maneuver for “Poisoned” aspect. Each turn, free Fists vs. Endurance attack.
Diminutive Size [-1] Add 4 to Stealth to hide. Add 2 to to notice small details. Endurance capped at Mediocre for Stress boxes. Might is relative (-2 to -4 or worse). Add 1 to Athletics for dodging. Max 1 stress per attack (plus weapons).
Echoes of the Beast [-1] Better senses (Add 1). One extra trapping. Assess beast motives.
Hulking Size [-2] Add 1 to be hit. Add 2 physical stress boxes. Border 1 for normal doors. Add 2 Might to lift/break, Add 1 Athletics to cover distance. Add 2 Intimidation. Mediocre Stealth, no more than 1 shift
Living Dead [-1] Cannot heal. Cannot die (again). Add 1 Intimidation on mundanes, -1 on almost every social skill but Deceit. Each physical consequence boosts above by 1.
Pack Instincts [-1] Add 1 Alertness when near pack members. Communicate single words wordlessly. Locate pack members with Investigation. All or no pack members are surprised.
Spider Walk [-1] All surfaces are vertical with handholds.
Supernatural Sense [-1] Strange sense.
Strange Senses [-1] Up to three senses.
Broad Senses [-2] Up to a dozen (exclusive with Strange Senses).
Wings [-1] Fly with Athletics, ignoring some borders.

Strength (p183–184)

Inhuman Strength [-2] Add 3 to lift/break objects. Might+1 to grapple. 2-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds Add 1. Add 2 damage with muscles.
Supernatural Strength [-4] Add 6 to lift/break objects. Might Add 2 to grapple. 3-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds Add 2. Add 4 damage with muscles. Casual punches kill
Mythic Strength [-6] Add 12 to lift/break objects. Might Add 3 to grapple. 4-stress hit as supplemental action during grapple. When Might modifies, it always adds Add 3. Add 6 damage with muscles. Casual punches kill.

Speed (p178)

Inhuman Speed [-2] Add 4 to initiative. Add 1 to Athletics, including dodging; Add 2 to sprint. No penalty for supplemental movement. -2 penalty for moving Stealth.
Supernatural Speed [-4] Always first. Add 2 to Athletics; Add 4 to sprint. Two zones free movement. -4 penalty for moving Stealth.
Mythic Speed [-6] Always first. Add 3 to Athletics; Add 6 to spring. Keep up with vehicle. Three zones free movement. No penalty for moving Stealth.

Toughness (p184–187)

The Catch [?] Only specific defense: Add 2 Except specific: 0. Anyone can access: Add 2. Rare: Add 1. Very rare: 0. Dracula-known: Add 2. Research: Add 1. Know you: 0.
Inhuman Recovery [-2] Total recovery. Physical consequences are one level lower. Endurance never restricts from lack of rest. Skip a night of sleep. Once per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
Supernatural Recovery [-4] Consequences two levels lower. Skip a week of sleep. Twice per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
Mythic Recovery [-6] Recover all physical consequences. No sleep. Three times per scene, supplemental to clear mild physical consequence.
Inhuman Toughness [-2] Armor 1. Two physical stress.
Supernatural Toughness [-4] Armor 2. Four physical stress.
Mythic Toughness [-6] Armor 3. Six physical stress.
Physical Immunity [-8] No stress or consequences unless Catch met. Stacked catch [Add ?]

Nevernever Powers (p170–171)

Demesne [-1] Auto-declarations about physical form of demesne. Discipline to place scene aspects, or as attack.
Spirit Form [-3] Incorporeal, but still affected by attacks. Must be visible to see. Add 2 to social actions based on your appearance.
Poltergeist [-2] Manipulate solids. Conviction instead of Might. Physical combat skills work.
Swift Transition [-2] Transition to the Nevernever from anywhere, not just tuned places.
No Mortal Home [Add 1] Discipline to avoid being pulled back to Nevernever.
Worldwalker [-2] Investigation or Lore to find weak spots. Make a rift once per scene. Add 2 to Lore or Survival for Nevernever geography.

Shapeshifting (p174–177)

Beast Change [-1] Shift to one form. Shuffle physical skills.
Demonic Co-Pilot [-1] Add 1 to any skill aligned with form or demon agenda. Defend against your own such rolls with Discipline, or take stress.
Flesh Mask [-1] As Red Court: pierced by attacks, restored in minutes. Add 2 to appearance on the unknowing. Can move underneath, Deceit vs. Stealth.
Gaseous Form [-3] One exchange to transform. Cannot attack/block. Physical Immunity, Fly, and Insubstantial. New Catch: bottles, fans, wind.
Human Form [Add 1] Some powers don’t work when human.
Rare or Involuntary Change [Add 1]
Human Guise [-0] Drops when powers are used.
Mimic Abilities [?] Eat power. Must lay hands on heart, brain, mojo, etc. 1 point to mimic skills or stunts.
Mimic Form [-2] Requires something significant: ideally blood, hair, skin. Deceit Add 4 (or worse, with bad fuel).
Modular Abilities [?] Overhead [-2]. Full action to change abilities. Creature Features, Minors, Speed, Strength, Toughness.
True Shapeshifting [-4] Free skill shuffle. Disguise at Add 4.

Spellcraft (p179–183)

Evocation [-3] p249
Thaumaturgy [-3] p261
Channeling [-2] one-element Evocation
Ritual [-2] one-subject Thaumaturgy
Lawbreaker [-1] Add 1 to break that law. Add 2 if broken 3 or more times, but [-1] and twist an aspect for every third breaking. Add 1 more if more than three laws are broken.
Refinement [-1] 1 element, 2 specializations (pyramid, lore cap), 2 focus slots, or 4 item slots.
Sponsored Magic [?] p287.

Faerie Magic (p166–167)

Glamors [-2] Veil with Discipline or Deceit; Disguise with Discipline or Deceit. Only self, things that belong to you, or those that have a pact with you.
Greater Glamors [-4] As Glamors at Add 2, or on a group. Create one object at a time from ectoplasm.
Seelie Magic [-4] Sponsored magic. Strong vs. Winter.
Unseelie Magic [-4] Sponsored magic. Strong vs. Summer.

Psychic Abilities (p172–174)

Cassandra’s Tears [-0] Predictions as an aspect on the world (p324). -2 to convince anyone this is real. Compellable.
Domination [-2] Given a helpless victim, use Discipline vs. Discipline for mental attack. Create one Renfield/day.
Master Dominator [-2] Add 2 to psychic attacks. Enhanced Renfields have Inhuman Strength and Recovery, one-month span. Three days to create each!
Possession [-3] Add 2 to psychic attacks. Must take Gaseous or Spirit Form, then take control.
Incite Emotion [-1] Touch, Intimidation/Deceit Add 2 vs. Discipline as maneuver or block.
Additional Emotion [-1 ] Upgrades apply to all emotions.
Range [-1] one zone, no touch required
Lasting Emotion [-1] Attack Add 2 instead of Maneuver Add 2.
Potent Emotion [-1] Weapon 4 instead of Weapon 2. Requires Lasting Emotion.
Psychometry [-1] Assess object history with touch and time: Investigation, Good or better.
The Sight [-1] Lore Add 1 as Investigation. Free roll when touching supernatural. Open the Third Eye (p223).
Soulgaze [-1] See p226.
Application of the Sight [Add 1] Free with the Sight.

True Faith (p187–188)

Bless This House [-1] If conviction higher than base threshold, Add 2 to threshold.
Guide My Hand [-1] Given time to pray, pure goals, selfless actions, 1 FP to use Conviction for any skill. No attacks or maneuvers. Can show up where needed without a FP.
Holy Touch [-1] Holy. Even with no Catch for Holy, bad things take 1-stress hit from touch. Compel their High Concept to hold them at bay.
Righteousness [-2] Pray and 1 FP to declare a purpose. Conviction complements actions towards that purpose until achieved or abandoned. If you must take severe or extreme, or friend/ally/innocent is taken out/concedes, pray: Zone Attack, Conviction vs. Discipline. Holy, physical, catchbusting. One/scene only.

Vampirism (p188–190)

Blood Drinker [-1] Fists or Weapons to draw blood. Add 1 to attack in subsequent exchanges. 1 extra stress on grappled target as free action. Once/scene, recover when killing. Discipline to control blood thirst.
Emotional Vampire [-1] Touch attack (Deceit/Intimidation), may combine with Incite Emotion. Later exchanges, continue to feed at Plus 1. Once/scene, free recovery when killing. Discipline to control emotion-thirst.
Feeding Dependency [Add 1] Hunger stress track, Discipline based. Each scene end, resist attack with total cost of abilities used with Discipline. Success: clear Hunger. Fail: take Hunger stress or consequences. Stress blocks powers. If taken out or no powers left, taken out. If compelled otherwise, strength is half the total of affected abilities. Recover 1 point per scene feeding off-screen, or all in one scene of killing.
Tattoos of St. Giles [-2] Visible warning. Bonus to others’ perception equal to your Hunger. Add 1 Discipline when defensive. Two extra Hunger stress. Add 1 Intimidation for those who know them. Add 1 to Lore for identifying threats, Add 2 vs. Red Court.

Items of Power (p167–168)

Item of Power [?] Discount up to 2. Unbreakable. Hard to loan (1 FP/scene).
Sword of the Cross [-3] 1 FP to ignore defensive abilities and armor for a scene. Only for divine purpose. Holy. Weapon 3. Add 1 to Weapons. Unbreakable. Already discounted.

Minor Abilities (p169–170)

Cloak of Shadows [-1] No perception penalty in dark. Add 2 Stealth to hide in shadows.
Ghost Speaker [-1] See dead without penalty. Ghosts see you at Add 2. Speak to the dead freely. Contacts works on the dead.
Mana Static [-1] Deliberate hexing (p228). Accidental hexing is restrainable at Add 2.
Marked by Power [-1] Add 1 to social skills with the magical community. Hard to conceal.
Wizard’s Constitution [-0] Recover eventually from anything.

Quick Reference - Powers and Stunts

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