Overview of the Laws of Magic

The White Council’s Wardens are the main law enforcement body of the supernatural world (at least as far as mortals go)—and for the Wardens, the Laws of Magic are sacrosanct. The Laws of Magic are clear, concise, and offer little in the way of “wiggle room” (at least in the views of some Wardens), but are very much written to communicate the spirit of the law—which is the mode in which they are enforced. This stands in contrast to the other major body of supernatural legalese, the Unseelie Accords, where there is no spirit of the law—only the letter.

Here, we’ll discuss what it actually means to break one of the Laws of Magic, looking at each one in depth, finding where the grey areas are in this code that separates black magic from white.

In practice, the Accords and the Laws are polar opposites. The Laws are clearly spelled out, but there are some grey areas where flexible standards of enforcement are seen. The Accords meanwhile are incredibly Byzantine but absolutely iron-clad when enforced—often to a fault.

Breaking the Laws of Magic
Monsters and the Laws of Magic
What Happens When You Break the Laws

Overview of the Laws of Magic

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