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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

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Driving into Las Vegas, you are greeted from all major directions by a sign – Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. As we’ve learned, it’s not entirely fabulous, but definitely has its charms.

The City of Las Vegas resides in a valley, within Clark County, Nevada. It is bordered on the east and part of the north by highway 93 (also known as Boulder Highway). The southern and western (and part of the north) is edged by the 215. (The 215 becomes the Lake Mead Parkway on the east side of the 93, and, surprisingly enough, runs into Lake Mead Recreation Area.) Running north/south through the city is I-15, which links Los Angeles to Salt Lake City and beyond. The I-15 is the Interstate that, for the most part, the Strip parallels.

The Strip is probably the most important (or at least most recognizable) road in Las Vegas. Officially known as Las Vegas Boulevard, it is the road that divides the city in East and West, and is where most tourists congregate. Unless considered “off-strip”, the mega resort-casinos all have Las Vegas Boulevard addresses, and it is a road to be avoided by car, unless you have a lot of time to spare. You will usually move faster along the Strip on foot than by car.

For the most part, “The Strip” is limited to the 4 miles between the Mandalay Bay and Stratosphere hotels. Las Vegas Boulevard, however, stretches beyond the hotels. Way to the south is the M Resort and Casino, and the far northern end of the road (North Las Vegas Boulevard) is the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Drag Strip. Along the way, you will find Town Square (southern intersection with the 215), “wedding chapel alley” (between the Stratosphere and Fremont – and it’s not a nice place to find yourself during the day, much less after dark), Fremont Street (which divides North/South roads into North and South – on the East side of the city, anyway), and the Cannery Casino (closest casino to the Clark County Correctional Facility).

Major east/west roads (in green on the map) include (from south to north):
- Tropicana
- Flamingo
- Desert Inn
- Sahara
- Charleston
- Sands
- Fremont (which becomes the Boulder Strip at E. Sahara. Note that there is no West Fremont Street, but because this is the main tourist area for “Old Las Vegas” and home to the Four Queens Hotel, I figured it should be listed as a major street. On the Las Vegas Street Map, the Fremont Street Experience is the dashed portion of Fremont, between S. Main Street and Las Vegas Blvd.

The major hotels in play consist of:
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Four Queens
Mandalay Bay
Wynn Las Vegas and Encore
Keep in mind that there are a number of chain hotels (like the Hilton and Four Seasons) as well as most major nationwide chains (like Motel 6 and Super 8 as well as more upscale things like LaQuinta) within the Las Vegas Valley.

Other places of interest:
Any Lab Test Now
Blue Martini Nightclub @ Town Square
Clark County Detention Center
La Casa Tranquila An unfinished, abandoned Hotel/Casino/Spa
Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Mercado’s Salvage Yard
Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area
Red Square Bar and Restaurant
Sunset Park
Surrender Nightclub @ Encore
Vivian’s Penthouse

Major groups that we may reference:
The Belmont Family
La Eme
Faerie Courts
Lucky 7s
Red Court
The Shaoqiang Triad
White Court

Las Vegas Valley Neighborhoods:
Boulder City
North Las Vegas

Not related to Las Vegas, but more Dresdenverse-specific, here are a few hints:
Quick Reference – Powers and Stunts
Quick Reference – Skills
Quick Reference – Conflict Actions
Stress and Consequences
Using Aspects

The Dresden Files and the Laws of Magic

For a practitioner of magic, there are certain laws within the Dresden Files that govern actions. These are quite simply known as The Laws of Magic. There are seven of them, which will be defined in the pages linked below.
(Note: I did not write most of the content on the pages linked below, but I did edit out a few things that referenced the Dresden Files books – I probably missed a few, though.)
Overview of the Laws of Magic
The First Law – Never Take a Life
The Second Law – Never Transform Another
The Third Law – Never Invade the Thoughts of Another
The Fourth Law – Never Enthrall Another
The Fifth Law – Never Reach Beyond the Borders of Life
The Sixth Law – Never Swim Against the Currents of Time
The Seventh Law – Never Seek Knowledge and Power from Beyond the Outer Gates

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