La Eme

The Mexican Mafia
AKA La Eme
AKA 13

La Eme was created in the prisons of California as a way of banding together and protecting each other inside the prisons, as well as out on the streets. Gangs that might be at war on the streets, make peace in the jails, banding together as a family.

La Eme does not have a single head figure. Instead, there are hundreds of people with the authority to authorize killings, drug deals, and other orders of business out in the free world. These are fine thralls, ensnared to the will of a black wizard.

There are three black Wizards who operate from behind the safety of the United States Prison systems. Two are held in California state prisons, and one, Roberto Martinez, was transferred to High Desert State Prison, outside of Vegas when it opened in September of 2000. This was an attempt to cut off the flow of communication between mafia members, that backfired. Instead of weakening the structure, they spread it.

La Eme

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