Clark County Detention Center


The Clark County Detention Center (CCDC) is the main jail for inmates who have been charged with committing a crime (occasionally more than one) in the Las Vegas Valley. CCDC is a maximum security prison in North Las Vegas, and is currently the home of Roberto Martinez.

The High Desert State Prison is the largest major institution in the Department of Corrections. It is the first institution in what will become a large southern Nevada prison complex. High Desert was designed to incorporate much of the best technology available to corrections to provide for officer safety and the management and control of inmates. The complex totals approximately 1,576,000 square feet of space. The institution opened September 1, 2000 and became the reception center for Southern Nevada.

Each yard (North & South) is administered by its own set of Wardens and Associate Wardens. Command Staff consists of 10 Lieutenants and 13 Sergeants. There are approx 400 security staff between both the Northern and Southern sides. There are also 67 support staff.

New construction is almost completed to add more units adding an additional 1344 beds to the current 2671. Total capacity will be approx 4176.

The Prison Industries building complex is comprised of one building which houses 6 Work Bays, each Work Bay is 10,000 square feet. Each of the bays has camera surveillance capabilities. Currently 5 of the 6 Bays are being used. T.J. Wholesale is using 1 Bay for Card Sorting. They employ 80 Inmates that are paid by how much work they turn in “Piece Work”, Alpine Steel uses 2 Bays for metal workers and welding jobs. They employ 31 Inmates which are paid minimum wage, and Clark County School District is using 2 Bays. 1 for Vocational Classes and the other for temporary class rooms while new Portable Classrooms are being set up. The complex also has a dining area for the workers. The entire Prison Industries complex is approximately 65,000 square feet

Clark County Detention Center

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