Three Eye

An oral drug that opens the Third Eye


Three Eye was first introduced to the Chicago area by a man named Victor Sells. It was funded by a Mr. and Mrs. Beckett, who actively participated in the ritual orgies. This original version of the drug gave people the ability to open their third eye, their sight, without being able to turn it off. It caused mental trauma in all who used it, after just one dose. The resulting effect was a person of intense paranoia and agitation, who was altogether incoherent.

The production of Three Eye in Chicago was opposed by Gentleman Johnny Marcone, who headed the local Mafia there. It was revealed that one of his own men was helping to create and distribute the drug, and was killed for his betrayal. Ultimately, a local Wizard by the name of Harry Dresden took care of toppling the drug ring.

The Three Eye drug that surfaced in Chicago was actually a test recipe cooked up by Roberto Martinez. He had it tested far from his turf, and now he is testing the drug on his home turf, having made some adjustments to the drug. It still grants the user the ability to open their third eye, and it still requires black magic to create, but the effects bring a numbing of the mind now. The user experiences the world as though he had The Sight open, and those horrors stay with him. However, the drug now numbs the mind so one can see without feeling the negative side effects of horror and fear in the extreme. However, the brain still suffers mental trauma and eventually shuts down, sending the user into an unending coma.

Three Eye users are immune to fear and cannot be intimidated.

Three Eye is currently in production by a black wizard thrall to Roberto, named Angelica Rodarte. She is a former prostitute who is being coddled by La Eme while she creates the drug through orgies held at her estate on a regular basis.

Three Eye

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