Xue Tseng

Leader of the Shaoqiang Triad


High Concept – The Triad’s Wise Overseer

Trouble – The Company I Keep


Xue Tseng is the current head of the Tseng family, and by extension the Triad as well. His wise standards and methods have guided the triad expertly since its rather recent birth within the last three decades or so, and the respect he receives from his followers is well deserved. Xue is a cunning and deceptive tactician, never letting his true intentions be known and always acting towards his own personal agenda. Family, wealth and face are all very important priorities to him, and he respects displays of loyalty among his followers, even rewarding those who display it abundantly enough. In summary: He takes good care of his own, but that umbrella doesn’t extend very far or very easily.

Xue Tseng

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