William Moore

His boy-next-door good looks and gentlemanly charm are deceiving.



High Concept – House Raith Assassin
Trouble – Not Nearly As Heartless as He Should Be


Hungry and looking for his next victim

Rather unassuming and edging on slight in physique, William is one that should not be messed with. Everything about William has been honed to his House Raith nature – Sex Appeal and Deception drawing in his victims and leaving them rather helpless. He is far from reckless, however, careful about many of his own actions.

Looking at William Moore, you wouldn’t expect him to pack the punch he does, at least not if you don’t know he’s a vampire of the White Court. He knows each and every one of his gifts, and uses the ones that best apply to the situation at hand. A committed bisexual and quite capable of controlling his hunger, William tends to take what he wants, rather than what he needs, from whomever he pleases and whatever gender he desires.

Although he looks rather young, he has worked for Nigel for several decades. He views Nigel with the proper respect he deserves, and though he doesn’t always agree with Nigel’s decisions, he carries out his orders dutifully and efficiently. He rarely, if ever, questions his boss, and their relationship is all business (as opposed to Nigel and Vivian, which has a far more social and familial feel). William has more than earned the title and distinction of Nigel’s top assassin.

William Moore

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