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  • Old Dog, New Tricks

Victor, now a resident of Vegas, was born and raised in Miami. Since birth he showed an affinity for technology, and never once did he stray from the stereotypical definition of a nerd. Wide-rimmed glasses, pocket protectors, pressed slacks with suspenders and poor posture all riddled his youth, and made for a rather unpleasant high school experience.

At some point he decided that he could best redeem himself by joining the Miami Metro Police Department, Homicide division, where he contributed his technical knowledge to the field of forensics. Over the years he became widely respected in the field, but was never content to sit idly by while contributing, in the end, so little to the law’s lengthy and unreliable process of serving justice. Using his expertise and resources he invested in a very high-tech home PC, which eventually became an intricate setup, and from there he began serving as an anonymous vigilante, of sorts.

Roughly fifteen years before current events, Enno Marx made a visit to Miami in which he and Victor met each other. Victor had been clued in to the supernatural world long before Enno came along, and was able to identify him as a red court infected almost instantly. In summary, he agreed not to reveal who Enno was, as long as Enno agreed to take care of a few local crime lords for Victor in return. Enno took a liking to Victor and his way of business, and he happily dealt with said individuals in a discreet and professional manner before leaving town.

Since then Enno and Victor have been good friends, and not long after Enno’s departure Victor decided to finally retire from the Force. Moving to Vegas, Victor blew all of his money on a high-rise condo near the South Point, equipping it with every manner of gadgets and doo-dads available. Among his many toys are a very expensive security system, a giant computer setup and a shamelessly James-Bond-style assortment of things you would find in a government-funded Sharper Image. He didn’t part ways with the Force without keeping a few bugs in their systems, and still maintains the ability to access the police database whenever he wishes to do so.

Such is the nature of the friendship and experiences shared between Enno and Victor that each considers themselves forever in the debt of the other. Whenever Enno needs resources or a favor from Victor he won’t hesitate to call, and whenever Victor requires the same he relies on Enno to return the gesture.

Victor Buys

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