Anything she wants



High Concept: Mysterious Changeling Illusionist
Trouble: Cat Got My Tongue
Extra: William Moore’s Faithful Sidekick


Tina is William Moore’s partner in crime and is often, but not always, seen in his company. Apparently either mute or powerfully shy, she never speaks in public, but is an accomplished pantomime. When she needs to communicate something complex to William, she uses American sign language.

Tina’s also a potent changeling illusionist. It’s hard to say what breed of changeling or what court she feels a Call toward because she constantly disguises her appearance using her glamours. Tina usually looks to be in her late teens, though nobody knows if that’s really the case. And she’s certainly not telling! Those with a fair bit of Fae lore would suspect that she is quite young because few changelings can resist the call for long.

Occasionally, streaks of white can be seen in Tina’s blond hair. People who are regularly fed upon by the White Court tend to exhibit similar streaks, but who knows? The illusionist could simply want people to question her working relationship with William, but being addicted to the feedings could explain why she’s working with a White Court assassin.


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