Muse of Comedy


A wyldfae who takes up residence at the Four Queens hotel on Fremont Street, Thalia is the youngest of the four sisters. A muse of comedy, her playful air and love of all things comical make her a joy to be around.

Although there is no confirmation, or at least no cited references, there are rumors that Thalia is partially responsible for the Blue Man Group, and their presence in Las Vegas at the Venetian. While looking for a place to settle, the Muses had done extensive traveling, and in New York City, in the mid-80s, Thalia began dating a young music and theater student named Chris Wink, who became a founding member of the Blue Man Group. After the wyldfae set roots in Las Vegas, BMG built a theater at the Luxor Hotel and Casino, but has since moved to the Venetian.


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