Soteria An-Saor

A fickle but affectionate gypsy were-tiger


High Concept
Cuddly gypsy tiger for monies and revenge

Trouble Concept
Curiosity killed the Cat

OH! Shiny!
Well, it must be mine. I have it
You know you want me
Kept Pet

Skills in Tiger form
Superb stealth and fists
Great alertness, athletics, survival
Good intimidation, endurance, might
Fair Lore, discipline and performance
Average conviction, empathy, investigation, presence

Skills in Human form
Superb performance, presence
Great alertness, burglary,
Good resources, survival, stealth
Fair lore, investigation, rapport, scholarship
Average weapons, empathy, deceit, craftsmanship, endurance

Stunts and Powers
Beast Change
Echos of the Beast
Inhuman speed
Inhuman strength
Human form

Fate points

_Physical- _ X _ X
consequence- MILD: Bald MODERATE: SEVERE:


Soteria An-Saor
Soteria is short with a very petite figure. She stands only 5’2 and looks like a strong wind would blow her away. Her waist length red hair is almost always messy and tangled around her face. Soteria seems frail, something about her just screams helpless. Her light hazel eyes are very unusual and have an almost cat like appearance.
Soteria wears skirts for the most part, their easy to remove, should she need to shift. She prefers vibrant colors and is fond of purples and blues. She’s found the climate difference in Vegas to be quite a shock and has had to ‘acquire’ a complete new wardrobe. Soteria is enjoying the freedom the warm climate gives her but finds herself suffering from the heat.
Brief History:
Egor-father, deceased at the hands of Red Court Vampires
Ivanna-mother, deceased at the hands of Red Court Vampires
Lidia-sister, deceased at the hands of Red Court Vampires
Milek-brother,deceased at the hands of Red Court Vampires
Sonya-sister, deceased at the hands of Red Court Vampires
Tana-sister,deceased at the hands of Red Court Vampires

Soteria and her family originated in Ireland and fled to Romania for unknown reasons. Soteria, as the eldest child, has vague memories of her homeland. She’s held onto her native tongue through sheer stubbornness and often finds herself reverting to it in times of anger or fear. While she held onto her love of her homeland, Soteria did make friends in Romania. The girl had many friends and flames in the various villages her nomadic family visited.
The family would travel from village to village performing, they lived the lives of gypsy’s but that suited Soteria.

The An-Saor family used their powers irresponsibly for their personal gain. Soteria can’t help but wonder if that’s what attracted the notice of the Red Vampires. She only survived because she’d snuck off that night to see a lover. She returned in the early hours of the morning to find a sight of horror. Her family, even her sister who’d yet to learn to crawl, brutally murdered and drained of blood. An attack of the Red vampires, at least, that’s what Soteria believes.

Ivanna had recently given Soteria a gift. Her mother always wore a small, black leather bracelet and, perhaps sensing something, gifted the bracelet to Soteria. The item gave Soteria the creeps but she dutifully wore the thing and soon became accustomed to wearing it always. Soteria doesn’t know that the item is actually a foci. A foci of a very dark and very powerful wizard, stolen to stop him by her parents. She doesn’t know the bracelet is the true reason for her families death.

After her families massacre, Soteria begin to travel. At first randomly, fleeing the assailants then hunting them as her trail grew cold for them. Her journey took her across many continents, but she always seemed to remain one step behind the killers.
Somehow in her travels, she ended up in the NeverNever. Soteria traveled for weeks, seeking a way out. Hungry and desperate, Soteria agreed to follow a bit of fae. She knew she couldn’t trust them but hunger drove her to. The creatures enslaved her, kept her as their own. The gypsy girl was forced to dance for her, to perform and please them. She despaired of ever gaining her freedom when she met Terpsichore, the muse of dance. The fae was inspired by Soteria’s dance and bought her from the fae holding her. Soteria was not much pleased by the change, until she learned Terpsichore meant to free her. After a period of servitude of course. But, she’d be taken back to the mortal world. She’d be taken back and able to resume her hunt, for her thirst for revenge had only grown in her years of captivity.

Soteria An-Saor

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