Co-owner of [[Gravl | Gravl]]


Slait 2

Slait, friend and business partner of Marbl, is the co-owner/creator/manager of Gravl. He assumes responsibility over the entertainment, drinks, lighting and decoration.

Slait can almost always be found either on floor or on stage, playing the music or enjoying it. He is far more social than Marbl, and makes just as much contact with the attendees as another attendee would. Slait is a professional and respected DJ, but to better manage Gravl and spend less time behind the turn-tables he hires a few other DJs, such as Onyks, to fill the position, jumping in occasionally when he feels the desire to. Among his other employees would be the dancers and one or two servers, of which he is very proud and protective. If any of his girls raises even a single issue with a guest, that guest will be forcibly removed without question by security, unless said guest insists upon speaking with Slait, who would then throw them out himself.

His finances, like those of his partner, are abundant and plentiful, and he spares no expense when decorating, hiring and supplying for Gravl. The audio system he uses for each venue is extreme enough to shake the foundations of every building on the strip from miles below, but thanks to the services of a few well-compensated fey, someone standing just outside the entrance would think an empty room lay beyond if not for the security and long, bustling lines. Slait tries to leave politics to Marbl, but being the more social of the two it is only natural that he sees his fair share. Much like Marbl, when Slait must extend his reach through or beyond the sewers, for whatever reason, he turns to outside help while trying to keep security as tight as possible. Unlike Marbl, his efficiency standards are practically nonexistent, and he will reward almost anyone who completes a job regardless of how much collateral damage they inflict. He is a party person, after all.


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