Simon Raith

Son of the Head of Household


Simon Raith, as in House Raith, is the son of Nigel. He was born and raised in Las Vegas, and grew up alongside Vivian Harding, raising hell when appropriate, and learning all about the parts of the city that they probably should have feared to tread. But, they were kids and immortal, so they were essentially fearless.

Shortly after high school, Simon shifted from White Court Virgin to White Court, leaving Vivian behind in her vampiric virginity, but he also left Las Vegas. To him, the summers were too hot, the desert was too dry, and 300 consecutive rainless days a year wore on him. He left the city to pursue university studies in London, and returned to the U.S. to settle in Chicago.

Heir to the Las Vegas throne (should it be handed down in a feudal manner), Nigel tried to suggest that Simon and Vivian be wed, to keep the blood line strong. Vivian declined the offer/proposal, stating that Simon was more like a brother than someone she could marry, and also knew that asking either of them to leave the cities they considered home would make one of them miserable. Nigel understood, and the union was never again suggested (at least not by him). It is uncertain if Simon knew of the offer.

It was more than keeping a strong blood line, however. Nigel had hoped that Vivian would be able to help “tame” his son’s wild side; Simon is quite the promiscuous one, even for a Lust-fed White Court vampire, and what’s worse is that he has an insatiable hunger, in the truest sense of the term.

Currently, Simon has returned to Las Vegas from Chicago, but only due to the failing health of his mother.

Simon Raith

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