Shane and Shawn Goldsmith - aka. "The Twins"

We Work for the Winter Court


Quick Reference -

Shane: Male
Shawn: Female


Both equally androgynous, yet somehow metrosexually beautiful at the same time, Shawn and Shane Goldsmith are synonymous with the Venetian Hotel and Casino. Occasionally, it is quite difficult to tell the pair apart, save for the perfectly maintained 5 o’clock shadow that Shane often keeps. They both stand at around the same height – Shawn only an inch shorter, at 5’9" tall – and the most noticeable difference is the width of their shoulders.

Both Shane and Shawn work at a shared emissary position for the Winter Court. While that may sound odd, it’s quite simple in principle. If Shane has the granted powers, Shawn is just a regular average everyday mortal. However, if Shawn has the emissarial abilities, Shane’s just a guy.

Shane and Shawn Goldsmith - aka. "The Twins"

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