Seung Tseng

Xue's Ambitious Offspring


High Concept – Where’s My Share?

Trouble – The Sins of the Father


Seung is the son of Xue Tseng, but very few qualities are shared between the two of them. Unlike his father, Seung is brash and arrogant, always jumping headfirst into a situation with little forethought and letting his emotions and impulses determine the outcome. Spoiled rotten since infancy, his only motivation is personal gain of any and all forms, and his concern rarely includes anyone but himself. However, despite these rather unsightly personality traits, Seung is actually quite charming in an obnoxious and intrusive sort of way. He inhereted his father’s winning smile and charisma, and without them he would never have survived this long in his family’s business. Knowing of his son’s tendancies, Xue tries to exclude him from any and all Triad business whenever possible, but Seung still always finds a way of asserting himself into such matters anyway.

Seung Tseng

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