Sebastian Arthur Ravenscroft

Noble Sidhe of the Winter Court


Sebastian Arthur Ravenscroft, known by much of the supernatural community as Bastian, is the face of the Winter Court in Las Vegas. While he has his emissary pair in Shane and Shawn, Bastian makes the final call on all actions carried out in the name of the Winter Court, at least within the valley.

Some blame him for the decline of the economy in the city, but that’s just absurd. How could one fae bring down a nation, and how would he do it from such a remote city, anyway? But still, people making the accusations may have a point. Associated with decay and cold, both elements have been more apparent in the city of late.

Bastian, however, tends to lean more toward the amusing side of the Court, and has been affiliated in the past (possibly present?) with Thalia – the muse of comedy. Is that why he’s come to Vegas? To claim a lost love? All anyone can say is someone needs to keep an eye on him. Nobody really wants that job.

Sebastian Arthur Ravenscroft

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