Rowan Hyde


High Concept

  • Born a Wizard, Bred a Warden


  • With Family Like Mine…


  • Hyde and Seek
  • The Vulcan Neck Pinch Isn’t All My Hands Are Good For
  • Actions Speak Louder
  • I Am My Own Survival Kit
  • Plenty of Will, Plenty of Way


Superb (+5)

  • Conviction
  • Discipline

Great (+4)

  • Lore
  • Fists
  • Investigation

Good (+3)

  • Athletics
  • Alertness
  • Empathy

Fair (+2)

  • Endurance
  • Resources
  • Scholarship
  • Burglary

Average (+1)

  • Deceit
  • Intimidation
  • Contacts
  • Presence
  • Rapport

Stunts and Powers

-3 Evocation

  • Access to Spirit, Fire and Earth. No access to Water or Air.
  • +1 to Spirit (Speciality)

-3 Thaumaturgy
-1 The Sight
-0 Soulgaze
-0 Wizard’s Constitution
-2 Worldwalker
-1 Psychometry

-1 Armed Arts

  • (Swords, Needles)

Base refresh of 12 / adjusted to 2


Physical O O O X X X X X
Mental O O O O X X X X (plus one additional mild mental consequence)
Social O O O X X X X X

Rote Spells

Dream Coat

Element: Spirit
Power level: 6
Effect Summary: Spirit Armor.
Description: Dream Coat, one of Rowan’s most standard tricks, is a stylish little defensive spell he’s been known to whip out whenever the moment serves, or whenever he just wants to look like a total badass. When cast, Dream Coat gives Rowan a layer of spiritual armor, manifesting as a constant layer of thick, wispy smoke that drifts off of him in sheets, flowing similarly to a drop of ink in water. The smoke clings and will drift about passively, reacting realistically to movements and air currents, but will constantly spawn from Rowan when not already present.

Hey Batter Batter

Element: Spirit
Power Level: 6
Effect Summary: Rowan gives whatever melee weapon he’s holding a shot of magic-Viagra.
Description: Typically used to soup-up his Warden Sword, “Hey Batter Batter” is the spell by which Rowan pours a huge chunk of his spirit magic into a melee weapon, readying it for impact. When the weapon finds its target the energy is released outwards and away from Rowan in a sloppy and direct fashion, usually opening the wound tenfold and sending the victim flying. Ideally a straightforward stab through the torso becomes a shower of red gooey bits. Simple, direct and effective. This spell, like every other spirit spell Rowan casts, is visually accented by his usual wispy/inky smoke effect, and smoke will spawn from the weapon enchanted until a hit lands and/or the spell is cancelled.


Element: Spirit
Power Level: 6
Effect Summary: Standard magic projectile.
Description: Rowan concentrates a mass of magic energy into his palm and simply projects it towards the target, rapidly dispersing or “detonating” it on impact. As the projectile flies through the air it leaves a thick trail of Rowan’s spirit smoke, and the detonation creates even more. Stylistically and physically this is Rowan’s sloppiest spell, leaving not only a large potential for destruction but also a large amount of billowy silver smoke in its wake.


Element: Spirit
Power Level: 6
Effect Summary: Magical smoke grenade.
Description: Smokescreen, the simplest spell in Rowan’s arsenal, is what happens when Rowan releases a large amount of very weak energy in no particular direction, filling the immediate area with the smoke usually present every time he casts a spirit spell. Rather than slowly seeping from a release point, as would a smoke grenade, the smoke is initially thrown away from Rowan as the energy is propelled away from him and lingers after dispersal, so there is no delay between casting and the full effect. The smoke is thick enough to nearly blind anyone trapped within, but can be seen through with use of The Sight.

Focus/Enchanted Items

Rowan has 4 focus (or two enchanted for each) item slots available, two focus slots from his Evocation and Thaumaturgy powers respectively. They are currently distributed as follows:

-2E Rowan’s warden sword and warden cloak can be stored extra-dimensionally, and likewise summoned into Rowan’s hand at-will. The transition between dimensions is, of course, accented with ample amounts of Rowan’s spirit smoke.

-6E Rowan’s body is covered in a single intricate tattoo. He imprinted it onto his skin magically, though it is still a product of his own artistic design and talent. It acts as an enchanted item that can cast a power level 6 spirit shield 5 times a day.



Francis Hyde, son and successor of Walter Hyde, a famed and respected Warden of the White Council, first met Catherine Jarvis during the early years of the 20th century. They were both Wardens themselves and had been assigned to the same location, so it was only natural that their paths would cross. Though a mutual interest was quickly established, they didn’t get married until ten years later. The union had been delayed intentionally by Walter, who was determined to keep his son’s attentions focused on his duties to the Council. However, despite Walter’s best efforts, Francis eventually rebelled against his father’s wishes for perhaps the first time in his life, marrying Catherine in a private and modest ceremony, and without Walter’s consent or blessing.

Shortly thereafter, in 1938, Francis and Catherine had their first child, Gavin. Immediately Gavin showed a level of brightness that other children his age simply lacked, but while Catherine admired and encouraged the quality, Walter couldn’t be bothered to give his son any special treatment. Gavin’s early childhood mirrored the first few years, with his mother taking as much time from work as possible to nurture and raise him while his father focused as always on Council matters, providing discipline and fatherly wisdom when present in his son’s life

In 1950 when Gavin was twelve, Catherine died while giving birth to Francis’s second son, Rowan. Francis was devastated by Catherine’s death and, encouraged by his father, sought to escape her absence by becoming even more absorbed in his work. Oliver, Catherine’s older brother, a fellow Warden and a close family friend, was concerned by Francis’s behavior and offered to look after the boys for a while. Francis accepted the offer and, no longer bound to care for his sons, was given more rigorous international assignments from the Council.

Under Oliver’s care Gavin and Rowan both thrived, though Gavin harbored a deep resentment towards his younger brother that went beyond usual sibling rivalry. Gavin subconsciously blamed Rowan for his mother’s death, though he kept such sentiments to himself, letting them fester under the surface, and instead simply distanced himself from Rowan as much as possible. Oliver saw the behavior as a teenage rebellion summoned early by Gavin’s maturity, and allowed the boy as much freedom as possible, knowing that he was probably having a hard time with Catherine’s death.

Both boys got along marvelously with Oliver, who, though never married and without kids, might as well have been born to raise children, and for the years following everything moved smoothly. Being a scientist and inventor himself, Oliver was able to provide Gavin with a healthy education before Gavin began to venture off on his own, as all children eventually do. When Gavin was absent and work was slow Oliver found ample time to spend with the always-busy and curious Rowan. With all the time spent together it didn’t take Oliver long to recognize something special about Rowan that he couldn’t immediately put his finger on, which encouraged him to spend even more time with the boy. It quickly became obvious that even in early childhood Rowan possessed a natural aptitude for magic, responding to external supernatural stimuli more effectively than most council-trained wizards.

Intrigued by what might come of it, Oliver continued to raise and study Rowan while Gavin, just entering adulthood, left home to find his father. His search didn’t last long, and upon seeing his son Francis was impressed by what Gavin had learned and the potential he showed. Francis had, for the most part, healed from Catherine’s loss, and had returned to satisfying the old habit of appealing to Walter’s pride and expectations. Francis extended a wing over Gavin, who promptly took shelter beneath it, and a familiar relationship between the two men re-emerged. Gavin had aspirations of power and knowledge, and his father offered the most immediate source for the latter. He foresaw an opportunity to join the Wardens and to acquire more of both, and expressed the desire to his father, disguising it as a noble ambition to follow in Francis’s footsteps.

Customarily when one wishes to become a Warden a lengthy apprenticeship with another recognized wizard is expected. Impressed with and proud of his son’s expressed intentions, Francis arranged for the White Council to accept him as Gavin’s instructor during the mandatory apprenticeship period, and began the process of thoroughly instructing his intelligent and already gifted son in the ways of magic.

Meanwhile, Oliver, or “Uncle Ollie,” and the young Rowan had developed a strong bond. The two were inseparable, and whenever Oliver left his secluded home and study in rural Italy to attend to work beyond his bookshelves, Rowan was never far behind. Rowan had befriended many of the Wardens that Oliver worked with locally in southern Europe, and he was known among Oliver’s circle as a mascot of sorts, allowed to join them in private discussions and so on. Oliver kept his ear to the ground regarding Gavin, who he knew had joined his father as an apprentice, and simultaneously kept Rowan’s aptitude a secret. He trusted Francis as a fellow wizard, but saw what his parenting style and obsession with work had done to Gavin, and knew that if Francis discovered Rowan’s abilities then the young boy’s childhood and innocence would be forfeit.

Rowan was bright, like his brother, though less obviously so. Where Gavin would read books decades beyond the experience level of his peers and speak with similarly advanced diction and poise, Rowan would occupy his time with drawing, music and other more childish applications, excelling in them as Gavin did studiously. Oliver realized Rowan’s creative potential, and educated him passively while allowing him free exorcise of whatever canvas he could find. By the time Rowan was ten Oliver’s home housed a myriad of different musical instruments, as well as all of Rowan’s numerous paintings and drawings that covered every available wall surface. Oliver had allowed Rowan’s magical aptitude to fall out of focus, enabling Rowan to be a child while his age permitted.

Oliver shifted that focus on Rowan’s eleventh birthday, when after gorging on cake as they did every year he prompted Rowan to join him in the fields near their house. Oliver was still a Warden and, though he served primarily as a lazy secretary and coordinator for operations in and around Italy, his aged form still contained every ounce of the spark that it always had. Rowan knew of magic, wizards, the Council and many other facets of the supernatural, and he had seen his uncle cast magic of all sorts, but he had never before been given a display. That afternoon his uncle strived to provide a broad taste of evocation, and with detailed explanations as he did so Oliver threw the earth, swept the winds and channeled the streams. Rowan was entranced, and absorbed every instruction, patiently waiting for his turn. Oliver saw the glow in Rowan’s eye, and knew that he had started a fire.

When Rowan tried to cast his first spell, nothing came of the effort. He knew he just had to strain the right muscle or probe the right section of his mind, but it was easier said than done. Oliver had seen first-time trainees attempt to cast for hours before their first spell took light, and was fully prepared to wait until dark for Rowan to get the hang of things. Neither was prepared when, after just a few minutes of concentration, Rowan’s form ignited for an instant in a stunning white glow, and the ground beneath him cracked loudly. Through his surprise Oliver identified it immediately as spirit magic, and after applauding happily he asked Rowan to explain what he did. An excited Rowan replied by simply saying that he had poked the right corner. A naïve explanation to a complex process that had come so naturally, but Oliver was more than satisfied.

While Oliver was fostering Rowan, Gavin and Francis were neck-deep in Warden business and training of their own. Gavin had become accepted by and familiar with the White Council, and though he was still in training there were many who eagerly anticipated his acceptance into the Wardens. At the age of 25 Gavin accompanied his father into the field, to Moscow in search of an elusive necromancer, and it was there that he first encountered Kemmlarian necromancy. The necromancer had managed to elude them, but in his haste abandoned a precious few Kemmlarian artifacts that Gavin was able to obtain without alerting Francis. He studied them at length, keeping them a guarded secret, until months after the fact when Francis discovered the artifacts and confronted Gavin. A battle ensued between the two men, during which Gavin overpowered Francis using magic learned from his recent dark study.

Francis, defeated and broken, knew that he had to alert the Council, but decided instead to approach Oliver in the hopes of getting Gavin under control before the Council labeled him a lawbreaker. He returned to Tuscany where he paid Oliver an unexpected and urgent visit. In Oliver’s office they discussed in hushed tones with the door closed, and Rowan’s ear pressed against the opposite side, what their options were. Oliver, completely floored by the news, agreed that they would have to deal with Gavin immediately. Francis was reluctant to admit that he might have to kill his own son, but Oliver forced it out of him before he would take the conversation any further.

As Francis departed he spoke only a few words to Rowan, distracted as he was by everything else, but Oliver knew that Rowan, curious as he was, had been eavesdropping, and sat him down once Francis had left to answer the inevitable questions he would have. Oliver explained everything that Francis had told him, modified slightly to adhere to Rowan’s innocence, and that he had decided to accelerate Rowan’s study by placing him in the care of a close friend, Ausilio Agostino, in Venice.

Ausilio and Oliver had been friends for ages, and Ausilio jumped at the opportunity to train Rowan, who at barely 12 had already exhausted Oliver’s knowledge of Evocation. Ausilio welcomed Rowan into his small Venice flat, located just above his old mask store, and quickly set about the busywork. It was obvious that Rowan excelled naturally in Evocation and needed little to no training in that respect, so Ausilio focused almost all of the time they spent training on Thaumaturgy. Rowan disliked the training, not used to the ritual involved in thaumaturgy and having a schedule at all, but Ausilio took no bull shit and made damn sure to hammer in every fundamental he could.

Rowan Hyde

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