Nigel Raith

Head of House Raith - White Court Vampire


Unfailingly polite and unflappable, Nigel Raith is probably the very last person one would expect to be a succubus. For the last five years, he’s governed House Raith assets in Vegas, slowly but steadily chipping away at the House Montegna influence. Although Nigel is an atypical Raith and keeps his feeding very private, one would be foolish to discount his predatory instinct. He holds one of the most prestigious positions in the Raith family and defends it fiercely.

You see, when Nigel decides to cross someone, he doesn’t do so in half measures. He very civilly and politely destroys his enemies so they can never trouble him again.

It’s rumored that Nigel is a something of a Savant when it comes to the emotional abilities White Court Vampires are known for, and that he can instill more than simply Lust in his targets. Perhaps he’s also learned to feed off other emotions as well. If so, he’s not sharing those secrets.

Nigel Raith

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