Michael Harding (Deceased)

I'm a Harding, for Chrissakes!


High Aspect – White Court Power Player
Trouble Aspect – Ahh, women!


Michael Harding was born in Brighton, UK, but raised in the U.S. It would be one thing to say that all he has is the Harding name, but Mick has a mind for business, and almost as much a lust for blood, money, and power as he does for women.

To call him a womanizer would be an understatement, but for a House Raith vampire, four-or-moresomes aren’t really unheard of. It was for that reason that Vivian thought her father hypocritical of her when she chose to work as a hooker (oh, sorry, escort). It was fine for him to spend time with different women every night, but because Vivian was paid by those she accompanied, it was somehow wrong? That simple double-standard started the rift between Mick and his daughter.

But back to Mick. He has aspirations. He knows how to get things done, he knows how to handle people (other than his daughter), and he knows he could lead House Raith in any given city. A proven diplomat, he had considered politics as a career, but knew that PR would be better for him; he wouldn’t have to worry about his wandering eye or his love for the ladies.

He had settled down long enough with one person, though was never faithful to her, to have his one and only daughter. Shortly after Vivian was born, however, his wife, Laura, was murdered. Even when Vivian would ask about her mother (ranging from her question at the age of 4 of “Daddy, where is my mommy? All the other kids have mommies,” to her more adult query of “Father, what really happened to my mother? Every time I ask, you either change the subject or up and walk away.”), Michael felt his daughter would be better off without knowing any of the details behind her mother’s death.

What exactly does Michael have to hide?

Currently, Mick lives in Chicago, presumably trying to get in well with Lara Raith (at least that’s what Vivian would bet on). He does, occasionally visit the Las Vegas Valley, but doesn’t have the fondness for the city that he once had.

Michael Harding (Deceased)

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