Meng Tseng

The Triad's "Second-In-Command"


High Concept – I’ll Bite You Back Harder

Trouble – Short Fuse, Big Boom


Meng Tseng is Xue’s brother and Seung’s uncle, referred by the family as ‘Uncle Meng’. Meng is quite a polarizing figure in the Tseng household and holds significant power within the Triad. Typically it is Meng who is charged with overseeing the more violent tasks, and he’s been known to eagerly participate himself when there is pain to be dealt and/or faces to be smashed. He specializes in torture and extortion, using cruelly creative methods whenever possible. He possesses no moral inhibitions and doesn’t blink at the thought of murdering an innocent child if it’ll get the job done faster. Despite being an extremely violent sociopath, Meng is able to function in day to day activities within the Triad and is actually extremely intelligent, adept at managing personnel and overseeing large projects.

Meng is also, like his brother, a gifted wordsmith. In typical sociopathic fashion Meng is outwardly very charismatic and friendly, and uses his social grace to manipulate others in various ways. He cares more for influence and control than he does for blatant power or wealth, and gains the same pleasure from being so Machiavellian that others would from more material things. He is not without those he considers close friends, but he would just as soon throw even the closest among them under a bus for his own sake, and considers relationships as just another means of control over others. Meng doesn’t always do much with his control, and he’s perfectly content with the fact. It’s not the use, but rather the possession of it that he relies on. Just as a gambler loves to spend his funds, Meng, the investor in contrast, prefers to manage.

For the last few years he has been displeased with his brother’s apparent lack of ambition, and has grown bored with the plateau the Triad seems to have found themselves upon. Steady progress was good, and he missed the days when the figures soared and the business grew. As such, he subtly encourages Seung’s rebellion, planning to have him overthrow his father, Xue, and take control of the Triad. Ideally, from that point he would continue to control the Triad vicariously through the ever-pliable Seung, enjoying once more his control and the expansion of it through the Triad’s success under his management.

Meng Tseng

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