Maria Belmont


The Belmont family began it’s crusade around 1,100 AD. They fought against the forces of darkness, with the purest intentions of saving the world from the minions of hell. In the 15th century Maria Belmont was born, raised, and trained to assist her family in their endeavors. Their battles were harsh, resulting in the loss of many lives. They needed every hand they could get, and women were given as fair a chance as men.

Maria was around age 30 when she was offered the sword. She had three kids and a husband, but she still chose to accept the sword when the angel Castiel offered it to her. The sword was Esperacchius, and it was one of the three holy swords forged from the nails of Christ’s crucifix. As a Knight of the Cross, her family turned to her for guidance and leadership.

They lead a crusade against evil in Romania till the Denarians decided to put a stop to such activities. Maria’s oldest son Silviu was taken by Nicodemus and given the coin of Sanguriel. Sanguriel was the sort of Fallen who would work against his host quietly, and earn slow, quiet dominion over his host. Rarely appearing in a monstrous form, Sanguriel is often seen manifested as a well dressed, good looking man.

It was ten years before Maria saw Silviu again, and she had spent those ten years knowing she would one day need to kill her son. The day came and there was little fanfare to the event. Sanguriel and Silviu faced Maria in battle, and Maria could not bring herself to kill her son. The two fought furiously, with Maria constantly trying to convince Silviu to lay aside the coin. In the end, Silviu killed Maria.

Silviu intended to claim Esperacchius, but his siblings prevented him from making off with the sword. As wounded as he was, he couldn’t stay and fight against those who truly intended to kill him. He left, and the sword was taken with Maria, to the church.

The bloodline of Maria Belmont is watched carefully, and has been the target of selective breeding experiments by the family elders in an attempt to create stronger, more worthy Belmonts in hopes that one day, they would be worthy of wielding the sword again.

To this day, the coin of Sanguriel has never been accounted for.

Maria Belmont

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