Co-owner of [[Gravl | Gravl]]


Marbl 2

Marbl, friend and business partner of Slait, is the co-owner/creator/manager of Gravl. He assumes responsibility over the security, the guest list, logistics and supply.

It is a very rare occasion when Marbl must be called upon to handle any matter personally, as his practice has always been to hire employees competent enough never to require assistance. When a guest has a problem and demands to speak with him he only ever responds either coldly or not at all, and he won’t hesitate to have them thrown out of the club on their ass if they cause even a minor annoyance.

Due entirely to the success of Gravl his finances are practically spilling over, and no matter how much he invests in the quality of each event he will always make a profit and only ever grow more wealthy. His hired help is minimal, but efficient to the core, and capable of performing the work of a group ten times the size in half the time. Marbl’s concerns are entirely personal, and for someone as rich and influential as him, his attachment to the intricate politics of Vegas is minimal. He maintains enough of a presence to ensure that Gravl stays alive, discreet and as non-intrusive as possible, focusing the rest of his attention to Gravl and his own personal business.

Despite his privacy and self-sufficient tendencies, occasionally a threat or nuisance must be dealt with beyond the walls of his venue. When this happens he takes care not to stretch his prized security team too thin, and instead hires external help. He respects efficiency and discretion, and while he recognizes ends above means, he will rarely forgive stupidly aggressive or reckless tactics exorcised by his hired help, even if it achieves his goals.


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