Laura Harding (Deceased)

Proof Positive, You Don't Mess With a Montegna


The vampires of the White Court are quite well known to have inter-familial strife. Families are constantly competing for power, with House Raith owning that seat on a global scale. That is not to say, however, that other White Court Houses do not reign in certain cities. Take, for instance, Las Vegas; dominated by and is the main base of operations for House Montegna. It only seemed fitting, considering that the Montegnas feed on greed.

Lauretta Montegna, cousin to Giovanni Montegna, was born in Oscella in the Italian Alps, as were many of the Montegna family prior to the move to the United States to settle in Sin City. In 1941, Lauretta left Italy to join her family in Las Vegas, changing her name to Laura along the way.

House Raith had already taken up residence at the Sahara hotel, keeping an eye on both the downtown area (Fremont Street) and the blossoming Las Vegas Strip. It was because of the close eye House Raith had on the city that brought Laura to meet Michael Harding. It didn’t take long for the two to start seeing one another, both of whom (behind the backs of the heads of their respective Houses) decided that a united White Court in Las Vegas might possibly end the eternal feud between Houses. Together, they pursued their relationship in secrecy, even marrying and having a single child together.

Both Laura and Michael left Las Vegas in May of 1942, escaping the heat of a Las Vegas summer, and spent time in Newport, RI, where Laura gave birth to her one and only daughter. Vivian was born in early November, just weeks before the couple returned to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. It was then that Michael told Nigel of his wedding and the birth of his child. While not happy about the union between members of each House, Nigel did not bear ill will toward Mickey. House Montegna took the news rather differently.

When Laura told her cousin of her marriage to Michael Harding of House Raith, Johnny flew into a rage. Not only had she quite literally slept with the enemy, she’d gone and married him – all behind Johnny’s back! Within days of their return, Giovanni delivered justice toward his own cousin, not even having her killed, but beheading her himself.

As for the infant daughter between Laura Montegna and Michael Harding? Well, Nigel saw to it that the birth by Laura continue to be unknown to the general public. Considering Michael’s reputation of sleeping with just about anything with mammary glands, attributing the birth of Vivian Harding to one of those many women was not a difficult task.

When Jennifer Peters was found dead, Michael took it upon himself, out of the goodness of his heart, to adopt young Jenny’s newborn daughter, since he was the infant’s actual father. Michael never told his daughter of either her supposed or birth mother, even though Vivian near incessantly asked.

We know that Laura’s not talking.

Laura Harding (Deceased)

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