Kyle Jameson

Surrender's Assistant Manager and Head Bartender


High Aspect: How May I Be of Service?
Trouble: It’s More Than Making Drinks, You Know.

4 Rapport
3 Investigation, Contacts
2 Empathy, Resources, Alertness
1 Scholarship, Endurance, Performance, Fists


Kyle is the bartender that Vivian went out of her way to bring to Surrender, and he’s been there since the day it opened. He is White Court, but still virginal, which may seem a bit amusing around these parts. Still, he is one who always has his ear to the ground, and hears more than just the main conversation he’s involved in. In Vivian’s mind, he is probably the most valuable asset to the club.

He got his start at Harrah’s in the outdoor bar, and is a skilled bottle juggler. It keeps the guests entertained on the rare occasions that things at Surrender are a little slow. For the most part, though, he’s busy keeping track of the waitstaff and other bartenders, and providing the first line of defense when someone unexpected drops in to see Viv.

Kyle Jameson

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