Joseph "Joe" Mercado

Ghoulish Patriarch


High Concept: Ghoulish Patriarch
Trouble: <redacted>


Las Vegas has a huge network of washes; trenches designed to carry rain water through the city to the water reclamation depot. In each of those washes, you have service tunnels, and in those tunnels, you will find the ghouls. Joe Mercado is the “father” of the Mercado clan, and has an almost Mafia Boss kind of rule over those under his command. Their exact numbers are not known, but when Joe snaps his fingers, the ghouls sputter out “how high?” (or, whatever the ghoul equivalent might be).

When on the surface, Joe appears to be a fairly legitimate business owner, running Mercado’s Corporate Salvage, a lot that takes in large-scale refuse from construction sites as well as building demolitions. He has a collection of old neon signs that are either too beaten up, or just not recognizable enough to be restored for the “neon boneyard” up near Fremont Street.

Joe is married, to a lovely ghoul woman named Evelyn. She appears almost as though she’s a “Stepford Wife” or at least a trophy. However, you don’t want to make her angry, and she is very protective of her husband and clan.

Joseph "Joe" Mercado

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