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Jason Belmont, of the New England Belmonts, moved to California to be with his wife and her family. Theirs was an arranged marriage between the clan heads of the Gold Coast, and New England with the purpose of creating a new bloodline worthy of watching. The selective breeding that the Belmonts dabbled in was minimal, but when it was practiced, it was done so with care.

The New England Belmonts were an obvious choice. They were descendants of Jack Belmont Sr., allegedly the greatest mortal monster hunter in recorded history.

The Gold Coast Belmonts were the ideal match, being descendants of one, Maria Belmont. In the 14th century, Maria Belmont wielded Esperacchius, one of the three holy swords. She was the first and only Belmont chosen to be a Knight of the Cross. She did her duty serving the Lord, slaying monsters and helping out those in need. She was held in reverence by her family as a whole, and she was what they all aspired to be someday. Knights of the Cross in general, hold a place of utmost respect and reverence to all Belmonts.

To combine both of these prodigious bloodlines, Jason Belmont and Allison Belmont married. While they did not love each other then, they respected each other. They were lucky in this relationship, as they were able to form a friendship that, over time, deepened to something resembling love.

Jason has spent most of his time in training to be deadly with a firearm, but that does not mean he is a slacker when it comes to melee. He is not as good as his daughter or his wife with a sword, but he is more than dangerous.

When Jason and his family are not out hunting monsters, they are actually quite active in the community. Following the tradition of Allison’s family, Jason started trying to make a difference in his community. Jason became involved in neighborhood watch programs, and started campaigning for gay rights, animal rights, fair wages in the workplace.. Anything he could do to help make a difference, he was willing to do. If, by chance, people opposing the changes his family campaigned for happened to disappear, well.. he had nothing to do with it. Or, so he told his wife.

When it comes to getting things done, one way or another, Jason Belmont always gets his way.

Jason Belmont

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