Giovanni (Johnny) Montegna (Deceased)


High Concept: Don of House Montegna
Trouble: It’s Not Paranoia


Giovanni (Johnny to his friends) Montegna is the current head of the Montegna family of White Court Vampires, which is a precarious position, even within the White Court. Most families are structured in a more feudal fashion. The Montegna’s are structured more along corporate and criminal lines. The head position within the family is not determined by blood, but by strength and power. A Vampire is only the Don so long as they can hold it. The Don also has to answer to a council of powerful elders who ensure the Don is driving family interests as a whole, instead of simply building his own power base.

So, while Don is a coveted position, it’s also a dangerous one. A Don can most certainly be deposed, and if it’s done in a stylish and dramatic fashion, the upstart will be lauded, not punished.

Giovanni has been Don for some 20 years, and is rather good at it. He’s very clever and has a knack for identifying and embracing threats. He tends to pull potential upstarts into his inner circle so that he can watch them, force them to work toward the good of the family as a whole, and make them compete with other eager vampires who want to take him down. Usurping a Don isn’t a team sport after all.

Of course, cleverness alone isn’t enough to ride herd over a family of predators. Giovanni is also known for coming down hard on vampires who don’t tow the company line. He absolutely will kill troublemakers and distribute their resources through the family. He’s fond of public executions as they remind other mischief makers of the consequences of getting caught.

Giovanni is clearly angling to buy a seat on the council of elders, and most believe he’ll be able to in another decade or so… if he can survive that long.

Giovanni (Johnny) Montegna (Deceased)

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