Enno Marx

Ex-PC Red Court with Vengeance and Attitude


High Concept

  • The Red Court’s Vengeful Prince


  • Acquired, Not Stolen


  • Fuck You
  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Naturally Skilled With my Hands
  • Roll With the Punches? Hell, I Drink With ’Em
  • Like the Wind… If the Wind Could Stab People
(Not strictly aspects, due to the 7-aspect limit, but these almost made the podium.)
  • Some Kill to Live; I Live to Kill
  • No Rest for the Wicked
  • The Ends Always Justify the Means
  • I Know the Vulcan Neck Pinch


Superb (+5)

  • Weapons
  • Stealth

Great (+4)

  • Athletics
  • Alertness

Good (+3)

  • Endurance
  • Discipline
  • Intimidation

Fair (+2)

  • Burglary
  • Deceit
  • Empathy
  • Contacts

Average (+1)

  • Rapport
  • Presence
  • Investigation
  • Might
  • Resources

Stunts and Powers

-1 Addictive Saliva
-1 Blood Drinker
+1 Feeding Dependancy
-4 Supernatural Speed

  • +2 to all athletics checks
  • +4 to sprinting

-2 Tattoos of St. Giles

If tattoos are showing grant:

  • +1 to discipline when used defensively
  • +1 to intimidation on “in the know” individuals
  • +1 to lore when identifying supernatural threats
  • +2 to lore when identifying signs of the Red Court

+2 Item of Power [Blessed Blades of St. Giles]

  • -2 Inhuman Recovery
  • -2 Inhuman Toughness (+1 armor, +2 physical stress)
  • -1 Counts as holy when applied to The Catch
  • +2 The Catch – Non-Supernatural Attacks

Base of 11 / adjusted to 3


Physical O O O O O O X X
Mental O O X X X X X X
Social O O O X X X X X
Hunger O O O O O O


Enno Marx, born to Einhardt and Mila Marx in December of 1937, experienced during his early life many things others would have quickly killed for. His father being a prominant and respected lawyer, his mother from a wealthy family of repute and both notable members of the Nazi party all lended themselves to his indulged and coddled upbringing. Never ones to neglect their responsibilities, the least of which they considered to be their son, Mila and Einhardt hardly found the time to raise him themselves, and instead placed him in the care of numerous nannies and caretakers. While afforded the various luxuries of wealth, Enno was also severely sheltered, even to the utter detriment of his social life. His only friends were the hired hands that raised him, and they only made for so much good conversation. Enno was a bright child, and when no external outlet for his social energy could be found he naturally turned inward, becoming a solitary individual. While he detested the prison that had become his own home and family, it was also simply what he had become accustomed to. There were days when he would sneak away from his family’s property to spend the day romping through the streets of Stuttgart, his hometown, with the common children, but even then he was never one for constructing lasting friendships, for he lacked the means to sustain them.

Enno marx 2

When he was seven years of age, in the summer of 1944, his parents were revealed as members of a small spy network that had been leaking Nazi secrets to the Americans for profit. They were executed almost instantly as criminals, leaving Enno orphaned, and it was then that he found his way into the custody of Arick Vogel. Arick, another powerful member of the Nazi party, had been a good friend of Einhardt’s, and was familiar with Enno from frequent dinners that he had shared with the Marx family. He had always taken an interest in the boy, and upon hearing that his parents had been killed, arranged for Enno to be placed in his care.

Very unlike Einhardt and Mila, Arick took a strong interest in Enno, personally presiding over the responsibility of raising him, but not without an agenda of his own. Unbeknown to Enno, Arick was actually a vampire of the Red Court, and serving as an ambassador of sorts in Germany at the time. He had infiltrated the Nazi party and was using his position of influence to further the Red Court’s agenda in Germany, one such example being his successful use of the concentration camps as “blood farms,” with the jews imprisoned within serving as ample donors. While Arick was successful politically, he had always wanted a successor; someone he could fuel all of his collective training and experience into, and who would serve as an extension of him, in a sense. He saw aptitude in Enno, for whatever reason, and had chosen him to fill that role.

Enno lived happily under Arick’s roof for many years enjoying a rich and diverse education, both mentally and physically. Arick was long-since proficient in the use of a blade, an art that had served him well in his centuries as a vampire, even despite the more modern invention of firearms, and he knew of no more useful a skill to pass on to his vassal. Enno, poorly versed in the ways of society as he was, found nothing odd about his training and, much to Arick’s pleasure, he posessed a remarkable affinity and enthusiasm for the trade, even taking to dual-weilding two blades without a single prompt. When the war was lost Arick relocated to America, specifically New York, right under the very noses of those that would try to hunt him, and it was there that Enno reached his mid-teens. By the age of fifteen Enno could stand a fair chance against Arick in a spar, though never could he win against him. He could even leave his home and wander the community as he pleased, though as often as he left his home, he never left the sight of a Red Court vampire sent by Arick to keep watch over him, and it wasn’t until years later that he even discovered the existence of such creatures.

Enno might have been blissfully ignorant, but he was far from stupid. He made occasional note of how Arick never seemed to age, preferred to conduct all business during the night, would dissapear for days at a time and generally exhibit odd behavior, but he simply never thought anything of it. He had known Arick for years and was accustomed to the various oddities that acompanied him, but when he was 19, everything suddenly changed; Arick had decided that it was time for his successor to adopt the form he had long intended for him. He infected Enno easily enough with a simple ambush, but the challenge lay in revealing to Enno who he really was, and what Enno was to become as well, without jeopardizing the relationship between them.

Arick miscalculated. When Enno awoke Arick quickly set to explaining the situation to him, even demonstrating to Enno powers that he had always kept hidden, including his true form. Enno was shocked and appalled by everything he was hearing, but too stunned and starved to respond, so Arick continued. He placed before Enno an unconscious man and Enno’s own two swords, explaining to him what he was to do. Recognizing his hunger as that for human blood only further disgusted him, and overwhelmed by everything that had been so casually thrust upon him, not the least of which was the transformation he had been forced to endure, he was sent into a blind panic. Grabbing his swords, he ran with a speed he had never before experienced, but Arick pursued him with a speed parallel. It was only by sheer luck that he was able to escape Arick at all, and he fled as far from his former mentor as he could.During his days on road he explored what he had been turned into, testing his powers in small amounts. He quickly realized that doing so only caused that vicious hunger within him to scream louder, but he refused to indulge it, knowing that doing so would cause him to complete the transformation.

After only a week on the road, albeit the most difficult week of his life up until that point, The Order of St. Giles finally caught up to him. They had been keeping an ear to the wall regarding Arick’s activities and was aware of Enno’s infection the moment it happened. It was difficult convincing him that they were allies, but once introductions were made Enno was beyond grateful for the assistance. The Order explained to him everything relevant to his current situation, and provided him a safe place to recuperate from the shock. They even invited him to join their ranks, but blinded by his anger he refused them for the opportunity to confront Arick.

Enno marx 3

Swords in hand, he stormed back to Arick with rage in his eyes. Enno wanted answers, but the only answers Arick could provide only betrayed his true nature. Realizing that he had been unforgivably wronged by the one man he trusted most, he didn’t even bother resisting the urge to attack. Unlike their previous sparring matches, fought only for sport, this was a duel to the death. Enveloped by his raw emotion and empowered by his recently acquired speed, Enno struck at his foe with a power and precision Arick had never before seen in his former pupil. The display caught Arick off guard, if only for a moment, but he quickly regained his composure and asserted his mastery, realizing the futility in allowing his would-be successor to live. Despite his natural talent Enno could only hold out against his superior for so long, and the reality of his situation came crashing in on him as he sustained numerous cuts and bruises. Dropping a sword he reached into a pocket and grasped the insurance he had brought with him: a flashlight. Taking advantage of the Red Court Noble’s sensitivity to light, he flashed Arick in the eyes with the beam, blinding him temporarily and allowing him to escape – just barely.

Having learned from his foolish mistake, he returned to the Order once more to heal, and to accept their previous offer. He knew that he wasn’t strong enough to defeat Arick, but that with enough time to better develop his newly acquired abilities he could be. The Order accepted him readily, granting him the tattoos that would help him fight the urge to feed, and even offering him more training and rescources than he had realized were available. He served as a full-fledged member of the Order for ten years, the majority of which he spent in constant training with his appointed master. As part of his training he was briefly allowed to wield the Blessed Blades of St. Giles, one pair of artifacts among many that the Order posessed. Even despite the way they would severly burn his hands upon contact, he fell instantly in love with the majestic pair of weapons and secretly coveted them with a passion, a sensation he was entirely unfamiliar with before then. In 1966, during his tenth year of training, he learned that he would be required to complete another decade of apprenticeship before being allowed to pursue Arick. Enno could hardly tolerate such restrictions, and driven by his impatience and lust for revenge he disbanded from the order by stealing the Blessed Blades of St. Giles and fleeing from their midst. He figured that there was no better opportunity to take that which he had always wanted for himself, and that the blades themselves would make a marvelous substitute for the ten years of training he would forfeit in liberating them.

In the decades since then only one pervading thought has constantly occupied Enno’s mind: Revenge. He harbors a deep seated hatred towards the man who stripped him of his humanity, as anyone else in his situation most likely would, and wants nothing more than to repay Arick in kind for the gesture. Since leaving the Order, who now pursues him with a murderous rage and a desire to reclaim their beloved blades, he has been chasing Arick’s trail all across the globe. Enno long since deduced, based upon the fact that Arick is obviously deliberately evading a conflict, that Arick caught wind of his theft and improved abilities, and takes joy in knowing that his old mentor would feel the need to run from him. Chasing Arick has led him through practically every continent and country, and with each new scrap of intel he acquires he is only brought one step closer to his prey.

Recently Arick’s trail has led him to Las Vegas, easily the most entertaining place Enno’s travels have ever taken him. Up until this point the trail had been getting stronger, as if Arick was slowing pace, but Vegas, in all of its intricacies and deceit, makes gathering information much more of a chore. In the month or two since his arrival Enno hasn’t been able to gather a single reliable lead, and even the less-desirable ones he found required some form of compensation from him. He’s managed to find enough work doing odd jobs, mostly those that require someone be dead, for the big-wigs in the city, and his recent ventures have caused a lot of eyes to turn in his direction. He cares nothing for this city, its people or its politics; all he wants is Arick. Sadly, Vegas looks like it will require a lot more from him before he’ll be going anywhere.

What’s Under the Hood:

For the longest time Enno relied only on his two swords and his amazing speed to violently dismember those he chose to inflict pain upon, but since arriving in Vegas his tastes have adapted somewhat to the flashy atmosphere. With the help of Jason “Jay” Archer Enno has managed to expand his meager arsenal with a few homemade explosives, as well as a generous collection of quality throwing knives. Below are more intimate details for each component.

The Blessed Blades of St. Giles:

Blessed blades of st. giles
Enno’s favorite and only pair of blades, the Blessed Blades of St. Giles truly are distinct. The set and four others like it were each original works of the order’s first and most renowned weapons master, reserved especially for an elite unit of hunters of which there were only 5 at the time. It is rumored that each set was personally blessed by St. Giles himself, though no one can possibly be certain. The five hunters in possession of the sets were each eventually killed, and their blades destroyed, by the Red Court, but somehow one set survived and became referred to singularly, eventually finding its way into the halls of Enno’s St. Giles chapter. As students learned the ways of the blade it was customary to let them touch once the special swords, that they might absorb some of the holy power within.

The swords themselves are of a unique design that contrasts individual components against themselves. The blades were intentionally constructed in an angular and seemingly mangled fashion, to reflect boldly all that St. Giles and the Order stand for, while the hilt and pommel are of a simplified and humble, though still sharp and attractive, gothic style. The entirety, spare the leather binding, of each sword is a single piece of steel, though the pommel and hilt have darkened with use over the ages while the blade remains pristine and untarnished. Despite heavy use and strain neither sword bears any marks of damage or disrepair.

Throwing Knives:

Enno s favored throwing knives
Enno’s assortment of throwing knives is, much like the rest of him, stylized and unique. Unbeknownst to most individuals Enno actually practiced with thrown weaponry while training with St. Giles, though without much use for the talent it became more of a parlor trick than a combat technique. Lately, however, he began practicing with and carrying them again, inspired to outfit himself more thoroughly. He first browsed Vegas’s collection of pawn shops, finding a few that he liked and purchased but none that worked especially well. Some were too improperly weighted, others not heavy enough, others too light. His training had accustomed him to a very specific weight and feel, and when purchasing such crucial tools one can never be too picky. Eventually he approached Victor, who was more than happy to purchase small sets of various makes from numerous online dealers for Enno to try. Enno found some he liked, and since then Victor has been kind enough to order them in bulk from the retailer whenever Enno’s stocks start running low.

On a good day Enno wears exactly twenty of the small, silver blades on his person at all times: three in a discreet holster on each wrist, another three in a similar fashion on each ankle and eight in another holster on his belt.

Explosives (Smoke Bombs):

Smoke bombs are surprisingly easy to make, and the components required can be purchased almost anywhere. By simply cooking sugar, saltpeter (potassium nitrate), and optionally some baking soda, one receives a peanut-butter like substance that is highly flammable and produces a thick smoke when burned. The most common form, and the style that Enno constructed with Jay’s help, is when the substance is poured into a can and a crude fuse is inserted into the opening. The substance hardens and will not displace once dried, meaning that solid blocks of the substance can be broken off and lit individually, and the final product is surprisingly lightweight. Variants of the harmless version explained are a colored smoke version where powdered food coloring is added to the mixture, an irritant version where concentrated wasabi powder is added, and a lethal version where large quantities of sulfur are added. The lethal version, when burned, produces very high levels of pure hydrogen sulfide gas, which is quickly lethal in areas with poor ventilation.

Jay initially helped Enno make the basic mixture, and through personal research and experimentation he discovered the other three variants. He carries a can of each type, minus the colored, with him at all times (three in total), identified by the type of can with which they are constructed (Mountain Dew for irritant, etc.), and a lighter with which to ignite them. Being that they each weigh very little the only encumbrance is their size, though when carried in the numerous internal pockets of his trench such minor bulk goes easily unnoticed.

Explosives (Pipe Bombs):

Simple pipe bomb
Without Jay’s help Enno began making pipe bombs. When all you need is some gunpowder, which is easy enough to make and even easier to buy, a small pipe and some fuse, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist, and because there’s no open flame involved in construction there’s no chance of an accidental detonation. Take a steel pipe, threaded on either end with caps for both, drill a small hole in one cap, fill with gunpowder packed tightly to avoid friction, feed fuse through hole, seal off opening and presto – pipe bomb! While most explosives categorized as pipe bombs are constructed through more complex methods, often including digital timers and electric components, the crude version is just as effective. The explosion alone from that much gunpowder would create a heat and concussion equal to or greater than that of a frag grenade, and though the shrapnel from the steel pipe is much less effective it can still royally fuck up someone’s day.

Enno generally carries two small pipe bombs of this make with him, each marginally larger than a can of soda.

Enno Marx

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