Bruce Walker

Newly Arrived FBI Agent


High Concept:

Even Federal Agents Get Enthralled


I Happen To Like Difficult Cases

Other Aspects:

Curiosity is my middle name
I may be blunt, but at least I’m honest
All Business is All Boring


Bruce was born in London, and worked for British Intelligence. In his early 30s, he was investigating a strange occurrence at Windsor Castle (which remained unsolved). Clues in the case led him to the US, but those trails dried up fairly quickly.

Unable to let things go, he resigned from BI, and migrated (after much paperwork had been filed) to the US. With his training, he was quickly accepted into the FBI, and works in the Unsolved Crimes division. While uncertain of specifics regarding the supernatural, he has seen (and experienced) a lot of evidence of it. Unfortunately, his best source of information isn’t the most well-versed-in-the-supernatural supernatural being.

Following a series of violent crimes that seemed to either originate or end in Sin City, Bruce migrated to Las Vegas. Shortly after he arrived, he met what he found to be a fascinating and beautiful woman, who he just happened to have on his “dig deeper” list. He dug deeper, to say the least, and learned that she was a vampire of the White Court. In turn, she has managed to enthrall him, and Bruce is now the complacent ‘pet’ of one Vivian Harding.

He has temporarily been relieved from duty, due to an on-the-job injury. Initial thoughts were that he’d be out of work for 6 – 8 months, but he has been healing extremely well. Doctors don’t know what to make of him, but he went from being a critical patient who was nearly disemboweled to almost normal in just over a month. While he likes the time he gets to spend with Vivian, he is looking forward to going back to work and investigating – although even while injured, his investigator mind hasn’t slowed.

Quick with a joke and even quicker with a smile, Bruce knows there are circumstances that call for seriousness. He’s just not overly fond of them.

Bruce Walker

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