Arick Vogel

Long-Lived German Red Court Noble



  • Been There, Done That
  • MC Hammer Said it Best
  • One Step Ahead… Or Ten
  • Just Call Me Rube Goldberg

Arick Vogel, throughout the centuries he’s been alive, has met and become acquainted with many an individual, each more varied than the last. Despite how unique each of Arick’s acquaintances are or have been, however, if asked they would all say the same thing: “There’s just something odd about him.”

Perhaps it’s the way his gaze manages to simultaneously be both distant and piercing, betraying a spark of genius while also a hint of insanity. Perhaps it’s his dark and cynical sense of humor Arick vogel 2that nobody but himself seems to comprehend, and the way he occasionally smiles to himself when there is seemingly no cause to. Perhaps it’s the way he will interrupt his own sentences with a completely unrelated thought, then revert back to the original topic, almost as if he was having another conversation all along. Whatever one chooses to accredit the sensation to, it cannot be denied that Arick Vogel is simply unlike any other person one could ever be expected to meet, and he rarely makes an effort to mask the fact.

German born and raised, Arick has for centuries acted as a prominent figure of European Red Court nobility, and it came as no surprise to anyone when he gave his full support to the Red Court in the more recently declared war against the White Council. He lived a rather comfortable life and considered himself quite the fortunate individual, until within the last century he made a grave error in judgment. As a direct consequence of his lengthy but eventually failed attempt to raise Enno Marx as his successor, Arick has since been travelling the globe, with the intent being to put as much space between him and his former adopted son as possible. Most recently his travels have taken him to Vegas, where he just so happened to have a fair amount of business to attend to and opted to spend a generous amount of time.

Being the masterful tactician that he is, Arick could have very easily dealt with Enno before now, but it had always been a matter of convenience. Never one to waste effort when not absolutely necessary, Arick had simply reasoned that the right opportunity to deal with his rebellious offspring while expending minimal effort would present itself in due time, and Vegas by all indications seems a promising venue.

Arick Vogel

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