Annabelle Vogel

Arick's Most Recent Protégé



  • The Halo Hides the Horns
  • Easily Distra-… What?
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Annabelle is Arick’s second attempt at breeding the perfect successor. After having failed with Enno he tried a different approach the second time around, acquiring Anabelle as an orphan whilst she was still a newborn and infecting her much earlier in her childhood. The result was the youngest ever recorded Red Court vampire; and a prodigy at that. Arick had never before been so proud.

Annabelle regards Arick as her father, and exhibits an undying admiration for him that forces her to constantly strive for his approval and praise; two things he generously provides. It was discovered at an early age that she had eerily precise vision and hand-eye-coordination, and that she would perceive things in an astounding level of detail. Arick tested her aptitude and concluded that she was born to be a marksman, and centered the majority of her studies around firearms.
Anabelle vogel 2
Not only a gifted shot, but a social butterfly to boot. Annabelle greets everyone she sees with a hearty and enthusiastic hello, and her very disposition has the tendency to abolish foul moods aplenty. That being said, she’s been known to have the occasional foul temper, but nothing she hasn’t so far been able to solve with a bullet or ten. When she isn’t eagerly prancing in Arick’s wake, where Arick prefers to keep her so that he may watch her closely, Annabelle can be found wandering just about anywhere she can gain access to, as children blessed with incredible curiosity tend to do.

Annabelle Vogel

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