Allison Belmont

Defender of the Gold Coast


Family First
Mother Knows Best
For Humanity’s Sake
It Slices! It Dices!


Allison Belmont was born and raised in California. She was never a beach bunny, and never the type to hang out in the mall after school, with friends. Her father was part of the Air Force, and they lived at Edwards Air Force Base, outside of Rosamond, California. His four year term ended, and the family moved off base, settling down in the tiny town of Rosamond. It consisted of little more than a main street with a market, a gas station, and a scattering of small businesses. The schools were spread out in the community, as were the houses. The place was an ideal training ground for the Belmont clan that had settled along the California coast.

Descendants of Maria Belmont, the family settled in for the long run in California, seeking distance from their colder East coast relatives. The Gold Coast Belmonts wanted a chance to show that they were better than their relatives, so they could prove to God that they were worthy of wielding a sword of the Cross once more. They knew, of course, that their good deeds were selfish acts, and not the way to earn a sword. They had to try though. Every act for the community, for equal rights, for fairness for the people, was done in hopes of proving themselves worthy.

The family made their homes in the rural community of Tropico, settling within view of the ghost town. They made use of the hills in the area for their practice and training. The abandoned gold mines in the hills made for excellent hunting grounds. Los Angeles was only two hours out, and Las Vegas only five hours out. They had a comfortable place to train and grow, and over the years, the little town grew around them, but never properly grew up.

When Allison was still too young to understand, the elders made an arrangement with her parents. When she turned eighteen she was to be married to Jason Belmont, and would be excused from missions and training till she produced a child. When the time came, Allison willingly ‘got busy’ and produced a child. Alexis Belmont was born and she was loved as all babies are. Well, as much as any baby could be in the Belmont clan. She was viewed as useless till age 5, when she became trainable.

Allison was back on her feet and out on missions as soon as possible, wanting to continue being of use to her family. Alexis was raised by parents, aunts, and uncles, as most Belmont children were. Allison started training her daughter at age five, with the help of her husband. They had to show the results of their breeding, and they worked together to get her ready for life as a hunter.

Allison loved her daughter and was proud of her. She believed that she and Jason had done well in fulfilling the breeding expectations set forth by the elders. She believes that Alexis is salvageable after her time in Vegas, despite the taint that she has. She sees that Alexis doesn’t remember anything about her time there, and with careful work, she thinks she might be able to save her daughter (and the careful bloodline work they had been working on).

Allison is the one who taught Alexis her melee combat, and she is as good as, or better than her daughter. She is no slouch with firearms either, though she doesn’t match her husband’s skill. Allison is the one who handles most family affairs. Though she loves to go out on the hunt and bag a monster or two, she spends most time looking out for her family and their community. She has a hard time dividing her time between hunting and protests.

The Gold Coast Belmonts all do a lot of active civil work and public welfare projects in hopes of being found worthy to one day wield a holy sword again. They are aware that this attitude will make it hard to be found worthy, but they still hold out hope and attempt to be a little bit better than the rest of their kin.

Allison Belmont

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