Alexis Maria Belmont

Drake's Ace In The Hole


High Concept

  • Drake’s Ace In The Hole

* Addicted To Love

  • Recovering Amnesiac


  • Belmont Born and Bred
  • Hot Blooded (Check It And See)
  • I Don’t Wanna Stop
  • Now or Never
  • Nobody’s Fool

Skills 39 Points

Superb (+5)

  1. Weapons
  2. Endurance

Great (+4)

  1. Athletics
  2. Fists

Good (+3)

  1. Discipline
  2. Alertness
  3. Might

Fair (+2)

  1. Stealth
  2. Intimidation
  3. Guns
  4. Lore

Average (+1)

  1. Drive
  2. Scholarship (Language: Romanian)
  3. Contacts
  4. Resources

Stunts & Powers

Cost Ability
-1 Marked By Power [The Dragon, Drake Brandt] (+1 to Social rolls when dealing with the magic community)
-1 No Pain no Gain +1 Mild Phys
-1 Riposte – Successful Defense allows an automatic attack sacrificing next action
-1 Juggler – Weapons defend to catch thrown
-1 Unshakeable – When defending with discipline, any of my aspects tagged against me provide +1 instead of +2. In the option of a reroll, I may lock down one of the attackers dice, forcing him to reroll only 3.

Base Refresh of 10 / adjusted Refresh of 5 /Bonus Fate: 7


Physical O O O O X X X X
Mental O O X X X X X X
Social O O O X X X X X

2 Extra Mild Consequences


Born and raised in California, Alexis is part of a growing family with a rather distinct heritage as monster hunters. The Belmonts have been hunting the things that go bump in the night since the first crusade, and they have been doing it well. Only recently have they branched out to America and most families are located along the coasts. Alexis’ family is part of a small grouping in southern California.

When her parents weren’t training her in hand to hand combat, or drilling supernatural lore into her mind about one species or another, they were activists in the local Gay Straight Alliance of their town. Alexis was raised with strong values about human freedom and the human right to choose your own life.

Anything less than human, was not tolerated. Vampires. Halfbreeds. Witches. Werewolves. Demons. Fae. They killed them all, benign or not. The supernatural had no place in the mortal world.

As the teenage years set in, Alexis grew frustrated as she grew to desire a social life and her parents denied her of it often with Hunts and Training. Eventually, the trio had a blowup that ended with Alexis grabbing a few possessions and hitting the road. Her parents were so sure that without any money, she would be home within the day, and so they called and had all of her credit cards shut off and her bank account suspended. Alexis learned this the hard way when she finally arrived in Las Vegas. Her credit card was declined when she tried to check in for a room at the Luxor, and the $500 pocket change she had on her wouldn’t last her that long.

So does she call home and beg for money? Turn around and head home, admitting defeat?

She chose instead to make use of the great body that years of hard training had given her, and tried for a job as a showgirl. She couldn’t land the job and instead had to settle for a job stripping. She saved her money up each night until she could afford the entry fee to a high dollar poker tournament being held at the Excalibur. Knowing that the Excalibur was home to a dragon, she couldn’t resist the chance to win big at his own table.

Alexis was an underdog at the tournament, not expected to even place, let alone win. She took everyone by surprise when she walked in off the street with a wad of cash and wound up taking home the prize. The fact that the prize came from a dragons horde made the victory all the more sweet. She didn’t know that she had drawn Drake Brandt’s attention with her win, and she continued to gamble at his casino regularly.

At first, the dragon was content to overlook her, but as time passed, she seemed to come around more and more. Intrigued, he dug around and found out who she was, and what she was hiding from in Vegas. Brandt knew of the Belmont family by reputation, and he knew how ruthless and efficient they could be for mortals. Checking the casino records, he was surprised to learn that she had been in the black almost every night she had come here to gamble. She was in the red so rarely, that he was sure she was losing on purpose. He would just have to test her skills.

Drake took human form and joined her at the poker tables. One by one, other players dropped out, and she never had a clue as to who he was. He lets her win sometimes. Sometimes she wins on her own. Eventually, he runs out of chips, and offers one more round, winner take all. Every last penny to their names. Cocky from winning, She takes him up on the offer and they play.

Drake won that last hand, and everything she had worked so hard for was gone completely. He gave her a smug grin, raised his finger to his lips in a hushing motion, then beckoned for her to follow him. “Let’s talk in the back.” She felt a weight settle over her, and knew she had been touched by some sort of power. And suddenly, it all clicked. Nervous, she followed him to the back, not sure of what to expect.

He laid things out for her rather simply. He had marked her with his power, and she could either accept a bus ticket home along with a call to mommy and daddy, or a accept job working for him. He would put her up at the Excalibur and she only had to do do the serious jobs he needed done. For the most part, she would be left to her own devices and wouldn’t need to go back to stripping. Alexis decided to take the offer and as she accepted it, she felt the power that had touched her actually become part of her. Along with the power, he offered her an item of power as well.

The item was that of a golden bracer crafted to resemble a dragon. The neck and tail wrapped around the arm and the wings fold down to wrap around the forearm in the form of dragon wings. The entire thing was ruby encrusted and very rich looking. When Drake placed it on her arm, metal scalded her flesh as he used his own magic to heat the metal and shape it to her arm. Oddly enough, the pain was short lived and the burn was all but healed. A faint scar remains to this day under the metal that is now fitted perfectly to her arm.

At the time of the game start, she has been working for Drake for three years, and is 22 years old. Working for the dragon is something her family would kill her for, so she takes pains to keep from being discovered.

Alexis Maria Belmont

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