As The Chips Fall

Uncharted Territory

After Enno and Jay hit it off while making smoke bombs and whoopee (grins), they were awakened to the sound of Enno’s phone ringing. The wicked witch of Croatia was on the other end of the call, insisting that Enno make his way to her hotel. Since he’d picked Asya up the previous day, he knew where to reluctantly go. Jay said he would show himself out after a shower and Enno was on his way, on foot, toward the Cosmopolitan hotel.

Knowing she was on the upper level of the hotel, Enno still opted for the stairs, his speed and endurance making it a relatively easy climb. When he exited the stairwell, he saw a number of identical, expressionless, featureless men in trench coats , slowly marching in an almost choreographed cadence toward Asya’s room. With a loud shout, Enno attempted to get the attention of the ‘men’. When there was no reaction, he waded through the crowd and drew his swords.

When he took a swing, he managed to lob off one of the things’ head, finding the entire body was made of something with the consistency of clay. While his swords were able to lop of appendages and even heads, the seemingly mortal wounds were only inconvenient to the UnMen, who continued to swarm over him in a faceless wave. Rather than using his speed to flee, Enno continued to hack and slash and was ultimately dragged to the floor. Try as he might, he couldn’t seem to cut his way loose.

Then, a soft ‘ding’ signaled the arrival of an elevator. The doors slid open to reveal Asya, smartly dressed and unmussed. She held an ornate wand in one hand, and in the other, she was wearing an elaborate set of rings, one on each finger, all connected to one another through a web of delicate silver chains across her palm. While holding up the chain decorated palm of her hands toward the UnMen horde, she told Enno to ‘Stay Down!’, then leveled her wand.

A bright light filled the hallway, as Asya tapped into the hotel’s electricity and funneled it into a massive lightning bolt that went ripping down the hallway. The electricity blew apart the UnMen, destroying whatever force held them together and gave them mobility. Liquid flesh poured down over Enno, hot and smelling faintly of barbecue pork. The the flesh itself began to dissolve into a etheric mist, fading back into the NeverNever from whence it came.

Naturally, Enno only showed the barest of thankfulness toward Asya, who reciprocated in kind. She said she could use the UnMen residue to allow Enno to track the UnMen to their source and that the Wizard who was doing the summoning and binding was probably somewhere close by. Enno, disgusted with the affair and tired, opted to return to his apartment and shower rather than trying to hunt the mage. They parted ways, with Asya promising to contact Enno when she’d finished her preparations for his hunt.

Back in his room and freshly showered, Enno decided to sleep, but less than a minute after drifting off for a nap, his phone rang. Yes, Asya was a demanding woman. She needed to meet with him in regards to the next step. He said he would be there in a relatively short time. After he hung up the phone with Asya, he called Soteria to have her meet him at the Cosmopolitan hotel. Soteria agreed, and said she’d even bring snacks!

So, as they met in the lobby, they headed for a bank of elevators that was still functional, and made their way up to Asya’s room. When they got there, she was her usual ice queen self, but told them that they would be going to the Never Never to destroy the source of the Unmen. She gave them a few jars – one to pour into the flesh vat, and one that had a string that was soaked in the wiggly fleshy stuff attached to the top, which would serve as a compass of sorts to lead them to the source of the Unmen.

Asya commented that Soteria seemed as though she spent time with the Fae, so suggested that she might know a way to open an existing portal to the Never Never, which Soteria did know.

Enno commented that his swords didn’t really do much in the way of damage, and asked if she would possibly have something he could use against the Unmen. She said that lightning seemed to work well against them, but when Enno replied that he doesn’t have any sort of ability to control lightning, she retorted in her superior sarcastic way that it’d be such a novel concept to have some sort of device that could harness electricity. “We should get to work on that.” Enno took the taser hint.

Not possessing a taser of his own, and Soteria equally unarmed in the way of electricity, the two decided that the best way to go about getting said equipment would be to assault and rob a police officer. So, Enno called in an emergency to a more-or-less abandoned location in Las Vegas, and they waited for the responding officer to arrive. When he did, they went with the plan, assaulting the officer and taking just about everything other than his uniform and the cruiser. It was only after they’d broken the law in a pretty serious way that Enno considered that maybe he could have just asked Drake.

So, off to the Excalibur to meet with Drake, Enno explained the plan to go to the Never Never, and that the whole reason was related to getting Anton and Ryuu back. Drake gave Enno pretty free reign to the weapons stash, and Enno found himself rather well-equipped. As they were headed to the portal location, Soteria called Thalia, and explained what they were doing, and asked if there might be any way she might be able to help the pair.

They proceeded to the portal and when they got there, they saw two … beings in trench coats, but by their posture, it was pretty apparent that they weren’t Unmen. No, they turned around and flat out said that they smelled a German, and they like Germans, because they’re delicious. Ogres were what were sent by the Muse of Comedy. Soteria made the the ogres known as Gunther and Gunner promise not to eat the German, and while she was making that bargain, Enno called Vivian to let her know what was going on.

Since he still had some loyalty for returning his swords to him, Enno felt he should tell her where he was going, should he not come back. The only next of kin he could provide Asya was Drake. As he was on the phone with Vivian, she suggested that he contact the Winter Fae, since he still pretty much owed them his life and the fae don’t typically take well to someone backing out of a deal (even if it is due to death). Enno said he would consider it, but never called before they all went through the portal.

In the meantime, Vivian hadn’t been having the best of days. She’d hooked up with a casual ‘partner’ of hers and had been in bed with him, feeding and stewing over the whole impersonation of her, and did what she could to just feel better. When food and sex didn’t do it for her, she thought there was a possibility that swimming would help. She made her way to the rooftop pool where she saw Tina across the way from her. With only a bit of a wave, Vivian dropped her towel on the foot of one of the lounge chairs and started doing some laps. She figured she was about done, until she saw that Tina had disappeared, and that William was just watching her.

With little more of an acknowledgement than a glance, Vivian did another lap and got out of the water, but by that time, William had taken the towel she’d left for herself, and had it draped over his arm. A few words were exchanged, but William gave her the towel. Then Vivian let him have it. Everything that’s been bottled up finally exploded, and since he’d pretty much had it with her recent behavior, he pushed. She eventually said that he just couldn’t be honest with her, and she was giving him a chance to just back out of everything – namely the training he’d promised.

She tried to just walk away, but William caught her arm and threw her back into the pool then jumped in after her. While this could have been seen as something playful in a different context, it was anything but. She tried to get out of the pool, but he dragged her back in, not just away from the wall and stairs, but proceeded to drown her.

Bested by skill and strength, Vivian clawed at his arms, trying to reach back for his face as he held her under the water. As she felt herself starting to feel light headed, she decided to feed on him. Inciting emotion was her stronger skill, even if she didn’t do it as often as most White Courts did, and she managed to get him to loosen his grip on her to the point she could get away. She got out of the pool and out of his reach before demanding to know what he was doing. His reply was “You wanted training? Fine. You passed.” The fact was, they both could have killed one another and chose not to.

Vivian left the pool deck and just hugged herself inside the door to her penthouse. It took a while, but when she managed to move, she made her way down to her bathroom and soaked in a shower – her typical escape. She felt pretty miserable, and after the shower, she curled up in bed, only stirring when her phone rang. It was Bruce.

Considering the day she’d been having, he wasn’t someone she wanted to deal with, but in her best pleasant demeanor answered the phone. He wanted to meet, and she said she would. He said he’d like her to head to his place.

When she arrived, she wasn’t looking her best but was still pretty stunning, and he invited her in. It took a bit, but she eventually said that she’d been wanting to talk to him but after the last conversation they’d had, she wanted to let him digest it all, and as tough as it had been, she wanted to give him time. He burst her bubble to tell her that he called her there on business – he wanted to know what she knew of a guy with lightning fast movement and stark white hair.

Vivian immediately knew he was talking of Enno, but didn’t have much in the way of details about what happened at the Cosmopolitan or the mugging of a police officer. The description had been that it was a Caucasian with white hair and lightning reflexes, and he was with an attractive redhead. Immediately, Vivian thought of Alexis and said she didn’t realize that the two were still working together. She gave Enno’s details, including the fact that he resides at the Excalibur, and also gave Alexis’ information, without being able to say with any certainty where she was living.

With business out of the way, Bruce and Vivian dealt with the fact that she hadn’t told him she was a vampire who feeds on lust. She convinced him that she was genuinely sorry, and since he is almost a human bullshit detector, he felt she was sincere. The deal was made that they would start over from where they were now, but if he gets the slightest hint she’s lying to him, the farthest their relationship would go would be business-related.



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