As The Chips Fall

Three Eye is a Distant Memory

Unfortunately, so are Alexis'...

A short while had passed between the previous adventure and this one, and although the action went mostly unplayed, enough did happen that warrants mention.

First off, Angelica Rodarte was handed over by Drake to the White Court. Vivian was present to witness, but didn’t take part in the ‘questioning’ about who had made her as powerful as she was when it came to magic. Eventually, they learned that it was someone within the Clark County Detention Center. Further interrogation gave them the name of Roberto Martinez.

With that name, Vivian has spoken with a few of the corrections officers at the prison, and has ensured that there would be no further unsupervised visits to Mr. Martinez. Angelica also gave enough information about locations of production areas and distribution centers for Three Eye.

Although the questioning was done, Vivian asked that Angelica be held for a little while longer until she and Enno were able to make contact. Vivian then went to pick Enno up from the Excalibur, drove him out to Mercado’s Salvage Yard and they were given access to Angelica. Upon entry into the large storage container where the former sorceress was being held by Joe Mercado, Enno had little to say, but with her restrained, gave her enough of a slug that she likely would rather her cheek had split open rather than swelled to the extent it did. As Vivian and Enno left, Vivian said to Joe, “She’s all yours.”

Because Angelica has been taken out of commission, no longer able to host her orgies that fueled the necessary magic used in the Three Eye, it was just a matter of removing the existing stock from production and shutting down the warehouses. Nigel spoke with Drake and had a team of White Court enforcers head in with some of Joe’s ghouls to clean up the city of any stray Three Eye floating about. However, the drug was no longer magical, but served only as a hallucinogen. Any remaining drug posed no threat to the supernatural community.

A week or so had passed since the rescue of Alexis from her own family, and while spotty memories were returning, Alexis had been spending much of her time visiting various locations throughout the Valley to see how people reacted to her. As she found out any snippets of information that may serve as important, she wrote them down on a little notepad. The information may have had a strong root in the supernatural, or may have been somewhat mundane – her ‘usual’ at restaurants was also something Alexis took note of.

While eating at The Country Club Steakhouse, she recognized a few people, including Scott Sullivan and Vivian Harding. As Vivian was leaving she stopped at Alexis’ table to ask how she was doing. Alexis replied that she was doing well enough, but still trying to remember things. Vivian specifically inquired about her hip, which Alexis said was healing. The two women discussed a lot about the city and their differences of opinion about the ‘monsters’ in Las Vegas. Alexis got into the Belmont mentality, and Vivian failed at demonstrating that the Belmonts were no less monsters than some of what the family had set out for centuries to destroy.

(Please fill in what happened between Alexis and Ryuu at the restaurant – and I know the details of the Four Queens will be a little bit sketchy.)

At the Four Queens, Ryuu and Alexis went to speak with Terpsichore. While Ryuu was hoping that he wouldn’t have another table launched at him, Terpsichore was hoping that Alexis wasn’t there to dance. The pair had actually gone to the hotel in the hopes of speaking with Terpsichore to get Soteria’s bracelet. They had no intention of stealing it, and Ryuu made that perfectly clear to the muse, who did eventually grant them access to Soteria’s room.

Ryuu explained what had happened when Soteria had put on the enchanted bracelet – a very angry, red-eyed weretiger attacked him. What he hoped to do was find out what had happened, and how the bracelet (what he understood to be a pretty simple heirloom that Soteria held dear to her heart). He used his earth channeling abilities to affect the metal in the safe, popping open the lock quite easily. While looking for something to use to pick up the bracelet, Alexis reached into the safe and said “here you go” as she handed him the heirloom. It seemed most of the magical effects had worn off of it.

Still, Ryuu wanted to figure out why he had been able to feel someone pressing into his mind when he was holding onto it. He decided that the best thing to do would be to re-enchant it, though to a lesser degree. Of course, he wanted to take precautions and not perform any sort of ritual on his own, so he asked Alexis to be with him and do what she needed to do to get the bracelet off him, if the need should arise.

She said that she would feel better, considering how dangerous he’d made it seem, if she were armed when he enchanted and put on the bracelet.

(ANOTHER AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m not sure why they came to end up in Enno’s room to discuss the bracelet – yes, I was on codeine through the session, so my brain was really fluffy. Writing this is proof of that fact. Please, please, please fill in the blanks.)

Ryuu and Enno contacted Anton about seeing him in regards to the bracelet, but because Anton was in a poker tournament, he wouldn’t be able to see the two of them until the next morning; an appointment time they accepted. When they went to the wizard’s house, he mentioned that he was familiar with the heirloom, and he would take a look at it. Leaving the pair in what has come to be known as “the Precious Moments room”, Anton proceeded to examine the bracelet in his basement. When he emerged, he gave the bracelet back to them, and said that there was evil in the bracelet.

Though the characters don’t know, after Anton closed the door behind them, his eyes glowed the menacing red glow that the bracelet induces.

(Yeah, I was out of it – please, fill in everything I missed, which was a lot.)



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