As The Chips Fall

Making New Friends

And Business Deals

Before I get to the adventure log, a few things of OOC note:
– Your character should have 40 skill points.
– Game time will be pushed out by 30 minutes, to a start time of 1:30 Eastern, 12:30 Central, however it works for German time. ;)
– There shouldn’t be a problem with next week’s game, but Jesse will keep everyone informed.

On with the show –

(Note: Because Kat was out the previous week, we sort of backtracked through the course of the day to begin with, then jumped forward somewhat to bring us to the present game time.)

As Soteria appeared at the Venetian, she was met by Shawn Goldsmith who told her that unless the trolls swore fealty to the Winter Court, they couldn’t help out, since the trolls were Summer trolls. With a bit of a sigh, Soteria tried to get in touch with Enno to see if he could help with transporting the trolls, but when she got no answer, she proceeded to call Vivian.

When Soteria asked if she could borrow Vivian’s truck (aka, her Range Rover), Vivian laughed and asked if Soteria would be comfortable driving the vehicle, considering how it’s armored, extremely powerful, and even more extremely heavy – everything combined into a vehicle that doesn’t handle like an average sedan. She then offered to play chauffeur, since her morning plans were dashed by William being sent away for training.

She showed up at the Venetian’s loading dock where Soteria waved down the pearl white SUV. The non-amputee troll tossed his injured kin into the back seat of the vehicle, and Vivian just watched as they settled into place. Wanting to get the trolls to a better place to heal, Vivian drove away as soon as Soteria was settled into the front seat. As they were driving, she asked Vivian for her cell phone so she could call Thalia, and Vivian was only too happy to oblige. Handing over an iPhone to Soteria, Vivian smiled as the technophobe had trouble figuring it out.

Strangely enough, it was the troll who explained how to use the phone, and Soteria managed to get through to the Muse. Thalia told Soteria that she could bring the trolls to the Four Queens and proper measures would be taken to get them to the Never Never to have them seen to. When Vivian pulled in to the loading dock area of the Four Queens, two trolls greeted them and helped with the injured ones.

In the car, Vivian turned to Soteria and asked what she had planned for the day, and Soteria said she didn’t have all that much going on. Vivian then asked if they’d managed to get Anton and Ryuu out of the Never Never, and Soteria had to explain that they hadn’t. She was pretty certain that from what Enno had told her, that Anton was in the lake of ‘Unmen Goo’. Vivian needed an explanation of what constituted an “unman” and concluded that she’s glad she avoids any dealings with the Never Never. Soteria said they would have to go back in to try to get them, but would require more firepower – or electrical power as it were. “After all, it’s why we mugged the cop – to get his taser,” Soteria explained. Vivian was shocked at that, having been certain that Alexis was the redhead that Enno was with.

Vivian felt the need to ask why Soteria was working with Enno of all people, since she thought that the two were less than fond of one another. “He’s not too bad after you get past the fact that he’s a vampire,” Soteria explained. She said she initially called him to try to earn extra money.

Vivian found that funny, since Enno had gone to her in the hopes of getting additional money, and when she gave him a job to do, he drew upon one of his weakest skills to get the job done. Vivian is no doubt still somewhat bitter at the whole Angelica thing.

“You know, I’ve seen your show,” Vivian said to Soteria, “and I know you can move. If you’re looking for cash, Surrender can always use new dancers. It’s not the same kind of dance as your show, but it pays well.” Soteria considered it for a moment and said she might take Vivian up on her offer as long as it wasn’t any sort of conflict of interest with the muses. Vivian had no intention of pissing off a Muse, and fully understood, assuring her it wouldn’t be a conflict.

The offer had been made before lunch.

After some cleaning up and relaxation after her ordeals in the Never Never, Soteria had given Vivian’s offer some thought, and made her way over to Surrender, dressed in her stripper clown outfit given to her by the Muses. If nothing else, she figured Vivian would get a laugh out of it. When she arrived at the club, though, she was stopped by the doorman. She said she wanted to just go in and talk to Vivian and shoved past the doorman before he could say anything.

She got a number of amusing looks, and when a waitress stopped Soteria to ask what she was looking for, Soteria explained she was there to see Vivian. “Vivian no longer works her, hon,” the waitress said. Shocked and a little bit angry at the revelation, Soteria left the club and called Vivian.

Vivian explained that things had happened, and at the time that she made the offer, she still worked there. Soteria tried to be sympathetic, asking if she needed anything. Vivian said she had moved over to the Palms and was having a small get-together, and Soteria was welcome to join. Vivian said they had food but if Soteria wanted to bring beer over, she could feel free – and yes, it was a genuine invitation.

Soteria showed up at the front desk of the Palms, and got some odd looks, seeing as she was still in the stripper clown outfit, but Vivian okayed her to go up to the room. When Vivian answered the door, she was definitely amused by the outfit, but did offer her a change of clothes. Soteria responded with “I’m fine, but if it makes you uncomfortable.” Vivian just rolled her eyes and brought the beer to the kitchen, and told Soteria to feel free to make herself comfortable on the terrace by the pool.

Though tempted not to, Soteria kept her clothes on, and walked out to the terrace to see 2 men there. Vivian joined them a few moments later and made introductions. Soteria seemed quite surprised when Vivian introduced Bruce as an FBI agent. While small talk was exchanged, Vivian sat with her feet in the pool, eyeing the Wynn and Encore hotels with feigned sadness. The mood by the pool changed as George Maloof suggested that Soteria dance, since she’s a dancer. He chose a Miley Cyrus tune, since Soteria said she could make any song work. Oddly enough, she did make it work, arousing both George and Bruce, which made things dangerous for Vivian – dangerous enough for her to excuse herself from the group and make her way to the kitchen. There was a bit of conversation before Bruce excused himself as well, to see if Vivian was ok. That left Soteria and George alone by the pool.

Bruce walked over to Vivian who was occupying herself with just straightening up the slightest bit of mess that had been made, and began kneading her shoulders. Vivian’s response was a feral growl at the feel of his hands on her skin, her Hunger mounting inside her. With all the discipline she could muster, she pulled away from him, turning to face him, but not making eye contact. When he asked why she was pulling away, Vivian made the briefest eye contact with him before she admitted, “I don’t want to screw this up, but I don’t think I can control myself.” Bruce replied by taking her face in his hands and kissing her on the lips.

While that was going on in the kitchen, Soteria had joined George on the poolside daybed/couch and became quite friendly together. It didn’t take long, though, for Soteria’s enhanced feline hearing to pick up the sounds of Vivian and Bruce inside the villa and she said they really should just leave. George didn’t argue, and suggested his place.

Once at George’s, he made an offer to Soteria – seemed that George was looking for a werekitty of his own. Unfortunately, he wasn’t aware of that side of her, but offered to give her a place of her own, pretty much any sort of clothing she might want, use of a company car, and basically all she needed to do was be at his beck and call. He did understand that she works at the Four Queens, and didn’t want there to be any sort of conflict, but since he wasn’t looking to publicize his relationship with a mistress, it didn’t look like it would be much of a problem.



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