As The Chips Fall

In Demand

And wanting to go home.

(Editor’s note: Since there was only Jesse and me, this is a really short adventure log)

Vivian and Shane spent quite some time together in Vivian’s villa, leaving them to some pillow talk. Vivian had actually pulled back, having fed quite heartily on him. It was slightly odd, however, since Vivian had tasted Shane in the past – he was sort of that hot cinnamon flavor – but as she fed, she could taste something more like an icy vanilla-mint flavor. While she didn’t comment on it, it was in her mind. Also, her Hunger had never been as satisfied as it was; at least not without killing her victim.

She spent some time stroking his ego, and he warned her that people already think his ego is big enough. Still, she mentioned to him that it was pretty amazing, and incredibly satisfying.

He asked her how she was getting by, since she was no longer part of a ‘family’, and Vivian said she was fine and that she was finding herself on her own. While there was something terrifying about being alone in the world, she found it liberating. She’d spent her entire life considering how her actions would reflect upon her House, and without that worry, she was able to just live for herself.

Shane said that he didn’t think she would be happy off-strip, and as such, offered her a position working for him. She found that rather amusing. He informed her that it wouldn’t be the first offer she’d receive; and he already knew about the offer related to revamping the club/pool area at the Palms, and he was offering her something less mundane – as a liaison between the Winter Court and the White Court.

Vivian declined. She’d considered for a moment that it might provide her one heck of an opportunity to find out about whether House Montegna was siding with the Winter Court, however, she declined because she felt she would likely be put in a position of giving away secrets of her own House. Besides, she really didn’t trust the Fae.

Although she didn’t trust him, she also knew he wasn’t big on the lying thing – sure, he was a mortal Winter emissary, but working for the fae had left him fairly straightforward. So, when he told her that she should be expecting a call from House Montegna, and that Giovanni would likely make her the proverbial “offer she can’t refuse”, Shane suggested that she do her best to refuse it. Those words were something she took to heart when she received the call from Giovanni.

“How about lunch at Prime Steakhouse?” he asked. Vivian pointed out that Prime is only open for dinner, but Giovanni pointed out that it was probably a discussion best had in private. Lunch would happen the next day, leaving Vivian about 17 hours or so to squirm.



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