As The Chips Fall

Heart's Desire with Blood.

August 7th, 2011

The session began with a knock on Soteria’s door at the Palms. While normally a visitor wouldn’t be an issue, our friendly neighborhood were tigress had just poured out a veritable hoard of precious metals and jewels all over her bed and bedroom. Not wanting her visitor to see, Soteria quickly tried to pile all the money back into the bag, but it was taking too long, so she ended up just piling bedding over the wealth and hoping for the bed.

The not so mysterious visitor was George, whom was in the mood for friskiness. Soteria managed to sate his amorous desires and even get him showered without him noticing more than her room was rather messy. Of course, what man criticizes a woman’s housekeeping immediately after she’s made his toes curl?

Enno Marx, having recently murdered three people in broad daylight and narrowly avoided the authorities, was waiting in a rather unpleasant hotel room for Jay, whom he’d called for assistance. Even though Jay was working, the white court vampire took the time to head over and bring Enno some clean clothes. There was some flirting and banter, but Jay needed to work, so wasn’t too terribly playful. He dropped Enno off at the Excalibur for some much needed rest, then proceeded on his merry way.

Vivian, who’s in the middle of one of the shittiest times of her life, had recently been visited by one of her best childhood friends, Simon Raith. He’d come to town because his mother was ailing, and learned that the woman who was basically his sister had not only turned her back on the family, but looked to be making an alliance with the Montegnas. Their conversation had not been pleasant and neither was the task Vivian was faced with now. Maragaret Raith, Nigel’s wife and partner, was loosing the battle with age. While not confined to a deathbed, she was not long for the world, and Vivian felt the need to visit.

The visit was agonizing. Margaret was actually having a fairly lucid day, which meant she understood much of what was happening to her and how her mind was just slipping away, one piece at a time. She hinted at secrets that were locked away in her mind, but they were just that, hints. She couldn’t even remember her own son’s name and called Vivian by the name Laura. There were tears and hugs and more tears and by the time Vivian left, her emotional batteries were well drained.

Soteria, having satisfied her sugar daddy, gathered up all the loot she could, returning it to the magical bag and taking it with her to the Four Queens, where she locked it securely into her safe. Then she went to visit Thalia, who was still recovering from the assassination attempt upon her person. They spoke at length, with Soteria revealing details about the investigation, and Thalia offering to rescue Anton from his fleshygoo prison. After more discussion, Thalia offered Soteria a bargain. For the mere cost of two ovum, Thalia would tell Soteria whom ordered the assassination attempt. She admitted that she intended to use the ovum to raise two loyal fae/weretiger hybrids to serve and protect her. Soteria reluctantly agree and was told Sebastian Ravenscroft ordered the assassination attempt.

Confused, Soteria went to visit Enno.

Enno, however, was having a rude awakening, as armed and armored men burst into his room, beginning the assault with a rather effective flash bang grenade. Despite his blindness and deafness, Enno sensed that perhaps these assailants weren’t supernatural foes and held back in his counterattack. Once he was certain they were police, SWAT to be precise, he allowed himself to be captured and arrested.

Soteria saw Enno being drug away in cuffs and heard the detectives talking about his room was just chock full of weapons. She decided she needed to rescue his blessed blades from police lockup and set about trying to get into his room without too much exposure or interference. She hatched a number of schemes, culminating in triggering the hotel’s fire alarm. Instead of flushing the cops, she instead roused and dragon, and found herself faced by Drake who demanded to know why she was making mischief in his hotel.

After playing coy then trying to bluff her way through, Soteria sort of decided to play along. She told Drake that she’d been helping with Enno’s investigation and that she wanted to keep his blades safe. Drake asked her about the investigation, and was informed that Soteria believed the Red Court was responsible for the Mage murders, specifically naming Katherine Pierce. Drake told her that if she could get to the bottom of what was going on in town, he’d give her Enno’s Blades. Soteria left to hire Enno a lawyer and visit him in prison.

Vivian, in the middle of getting her drink on following the visit with Margaret, ran into George, who could tell she was upset. The old friends chatted for a bit, commiserating, when Vivian came up with a plan to both ease her troubled conscience and give herself some wriggle room with the Montegnas. She knew Giovanni would be looking into buying controlling interest in the Palms. George only controlled 2% of his family’s casino, but could buy up to 20% if he had access to the funds. Vivian proposed to front George the cash to buy back the stake, which would increase the overall worth of the shares before Giovanni had even mobilized his interests. Also, that was 20% of the casino that was firmly in Vivian’s pocket, which could be very handy and was certainly financially savvy.

Less savvy was Enno, rotting away in his prison cell, when a well dressed, albeit strange gentleman appeared before his cell asking why he’d not claimed his heart’s desire yet. The terms of the bargain were explicit. If Asya died or was removed from the city, Enno would be granted an audience with his nemesis, Arick Vogel, who would be tied to a chair. Enno explained that he had no hand in Asya’s death or disappearance, so didn’t think he qualified. Sebastian Ravenscroft chided the infected, then asked if he still desired the bargain or not. It was now or never.

Enno chose now.

Arick Vogel appeared, tied to a chair and more than a tad confused. He saw Bastian and cursed, then turned his attention to Enno. At first, Enno wasn’t sure what to do. He’d worked so long for this moment, now that it was here, it was overwhelming. Arick immediately went to work, taunting and chiding Enno, trying to enrage him so that he’d resort to violence and draw the guards. Once the cell door was opened, nothing could stop Arick from escaping. Enno obliged, tackling Arick and laying into him with undisguised rage and his bare hands. Not that Arick was concerned. While Enno was a master with a blade, he was merely competent with his hands, and competence wasn’t enough to be more of a nuisance to Arick. There was no chance Enno could kill a Red Court Noble with his bare hands before the guards arrived.

Enno also saw that truth, so grabbed up a broken piece of chair leg and started stabbing. Arick was now in a bad position. He’d committed to this gambit of counting on the police to free him. If he attacked back after the stabbing, they’d never open the door. So, he just had to let Enno keep stabbing and hope the police could gun him down before the damage done was irreparable.

The police obliged, riddling Enno with bullets, but Enno’s rage was too strong, and he jammed the length of board through Arick’s forehead just as a policeman’s bullet struck him in the face. Enno fell back in a bloody mess, body randomly twitching, just like Arick’s. The police rushed into the room to see if either of them still lived, but fearing the worst.

Well, not the very worst, just the worst from their limited perspective. Had they truly feared the worst, they’d not have opened the door. Driven by pain, hunger, and an instinctual desire to survive, but Arick and Enno sprung up and attacked the officer with fangs and fury, leaving drained husks behind. Arick fled first, as Enno’s body was wracked with the pain of transformation, his humanity dying, consumed by the birth of his new, monstrous self. He escaped next, left a path of blood and destruction in his wake.

Soteria and the lawyer where in the station, waiting to see Enno, but thankfully were not directly in his way as he made his escape. They were left seeing the devastation left from his passing. The shocked lawyer returned Soteria’s retainer and excused himself with apologies.



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