As The Chips Fall

Difficulties Arise From All Angles

And more than one party

As the crews arrived at the scene of the Deneuve house, Alexis received a call from Drake asking her to join the people that were there. When she asked him what she was supposed to do, since her thing is killing monsters, Drake told her to survey the scene and see if she can find anything. When she showed up, the organized chaos that was a crime scene was unfolding.

When she entered the house, Alexis spoke with William and Vivian and got an overview of their assessments of the scene. She also got Soteria’s take on it. She then went into the basement to survey things down there.

While in the basement, she managed to find a brick that everyone else had missed, that seemed out of place. When she pulled it from its space, she found a lockbox. She asked Enno to open it, but it was too much for his swords to be able to sneak into, so she brought it upstairs.

While Alexis was searching around, Vivian made several calls, one to Giovanni Montegna, trying to find possible help with locating a wizard who might be able to help. While he was his typical difficult self, he did offer a suggestion of the wizard that Vivian had run out of town a little while back. It was the last thing Vivian wanted to hear, but she politely thanked Johnny and told him she would keep him abreast of the situation.

Despite Vivian being a bit of a techno geek, Alexis handed the safe off to Soteria to see if she could open it. Vivian suggested a few combinations, and the attempt with Anton’s daughter’s birthday seemed to work. Of course, there was little to find on the computer; Anton keeps the internet history pretty clear, and his e-mail required a password. However, Alexis had found a list of potential passwords and other odd combinations (as well as a few books and a journal). It took a few tries, but Alexis was able to access the email. She found a message that was anonymous, but was a very important clue: RUN. She decided to forward that message to her own account.

She handed the laptop over to Soteria, an admitted technophobe, who proceeded to touch a few buttons and was met by a fatal error and blue screen of death. Alexis asked if there was a way to trace the message, and Vivian said there might be, so Alexis offered to send the message to Vivian. Vivian shook her head and explained that the forwarded message wouldn’t be enough of a clue, but there should be no problem getting the original message after restarting the computer.

It took a short time, but Vivian managed to near-pinpoint the location of the computer that sender of the message used; somewhere up at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street. She needed to speak with William, so she got up from where she’d been sitting and made her way over to the door. As she opened it, William nearly bumped into her – seemed they were both looking for each other.

William explained that he’d sent a crew to try to pick up Ryuu, but it seemed that the scene at his place was bloodier than the one at Anton’s. When Soteria heard that it looks like Ryuu had been killed or at least kidnapped, the house shook – not Soteria’s doing, however. The group made their way outside to continue their conversation, and Vivian told William about Johnny’s suggestion of Asya.

They knew that getting her back to Las Vegas wouldn’t be easy, but Soteria insisted that they do their damnedest. Vivian knew she couldn’t go, but William said he would see if he could pick her up in Reno. Soteria insisted on going as well.

While they made their way from the scene at Anton’s, Vivian decided to stay at the Deneuve house while Alexis went to speak to Drake. She reported what she knew, and he then sent her up to Ryuu’s place. The scene there was indeed worse, and she looked around for a way to collect evidence, scooping up some ectoplasmic goo-type stuff as well as some blood, collecting each carefully with plastic utensils and putting them in their own baggies.

Meanwhile, William and Soteria made their way out of the city a little ways, his driving unnerving the weretiger just slightly. When he stopped at a private airfield, however, Soteria was even more agitated. William offered to shoot her with a dart gun to tranquilize her, then made the suggestion that he could force her to enjoy the flight. Soteria decided to do her best to grin and bear it.

When they landed, they made their way to the Peppermill casino, where they knew Asya Markovic worked. William pretended to be a member of the Nevada Gaming Committee, and he needed to speak to Asya. Despite her pleasant appearance, she was less than pleasant when she saw William.

It took a lot of talking to get her to just agree to hear out the situation, but there was a knock on the door, and a portly and balding man from the actual NGC entered. It seemed that Ms. Markovic had found herself under investigation of potentially committing fraud with the guests against the casino. While she was under investigation, she would not be able to work at the Peppermill or any other casino – looked as though her time was suddenly free.

“If you can get Vivian Harding to issue a formal apology to me, I’ll consider it.” It wouldn’t be easy.

While William tried to convince Asya to go anyway, Soteria tried with Vivian via William’s cell phone. Vivian wouldn’t budge on her negative response. She was not going to apologize for doing what was best for the city.

Soteria decided to try lying, stating that Vivian would apologize, but not over the phone. It would need to be done in person. Asya didn’t seem to have a problem with that, and told them to arrange a meeting at the Blue Martini, an accorded neutral ground, where the apology could take place.



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