As The Chips Fall

Deals and Deceptions

The Politics of Supernatural Vegas

When Vivian woke in the morning, she put in a call to Nigel. She knew it was far too early to actually get him at the office, but she left a simple message: “I’m in.” She’d had a chance to think on what he had spoken about the previous night, and despite it being an extremely dangerous venture (not only for her physical neck, but her social standing), she felt that it was necessary. All she hoped was that she could pull off the massive deception it would require. After the phone call, she made her way down to the main floor of the casino so she could head to breakfast.

When she arrived on the floor, she saw William, and rather than completely ignoring him, she made eye contact. William made his way over to her and greeted her. Considering they had quite recently attempted to murder one another, they were decently cordial. Vivian wasn’t sure how much, if anything, Nigel had been able to tell William, but if they had spoken, William wasn’t giving any indication of it. Vivian thanked William for refraining from interrupting the previous night’s concert, and she said that Tina seemed to have enjoyed herself (and said she seemed a little star-struck). He seemed a little surprised at it, but let it sort of slide, then asked Vivian what she was up to, and when she replied that she was about to grab breakfast, he asked if she’d like company. Vivian agreed, and they made their way to a café.

Apologies were exchanged over breakfast, and Vivian admitted that she hated when they fought, but loved when they made up. William stated that they were doing things backward, because normally breakfast was after making up. He asked if she had any plans or if they might have a chance to properly make up, and she said that she intended to head to her boat. He asked if she’d like company, and she asked him if Nigel had anything for him to tend to. He said he was free at the moment, but had a meeting with Nigel so things were subject to change.

Rather than heading to her boat, Vivian opted to stay at the hotel, and did some laps in the pool to kill time. At the conclusion of one lap, she saw William crouched at the end of the pool and she swam over to him. He had some good news and some bad news: Bad – he was being sent away for training; Good – he was already packed and ready to go, and had a few hours. They took some time to make up, but when he had to leave so he didn’t miss his plane, she told him she hated when he wasn’t around. She knew she was going to need some support in her task, but still gave no indication of what she was about to do.

As William and Vivian were making up, Enno had emerged from the Never Never. Soteria had wanted to take care of the trolls who had helped them in the Never Never, and had indicated going to the Winter Court for help. Enno decided to give Asya a call and explain what had happened, indicating that they hadn’t managed to get Anton out of the Never Never, but he said he was certain he found him in the Unmen lake. In her usually charming way, she basically said she was impressed that he didn’t die on the other side, and suggested that the best way to handle the rescuing of Anton would be to destroy the wizard holding him captive. She asked if he was confident enough in his speed to attack and subdue a wizard, to which Enno said he was. She said she would start working on a tracking spell to find what they needed.

After his conversation with Asya, Enno made his way toward the Venetian to speak with someone from the Winter Court. As he entered, he was greeted by Shane Goldsmith. Enno mentioned that he was hoping for a status update on the trolls that Soteria had brought. Shane told Enno that it seemed that they were unclear on the status of the Winter Court in Las Vegas – they weren’t in the business of healing; especially those who are not affiliated with the Winter Fae.

They went on to discuss things, and Shane led Enno to an office. Over drinks, they discussed Asya. It seemed that Shane (and the Winter Court) was looking to have her removed from the city, and considering that Enno was still indebted to the fae, he was curious as to why he’d been seen working with her. Enno explained that it was a matter of rescuing Anton and Ryuu, and to do so, they required a wizard. With Asya back in town, it only made sense. It was then that Shane made an offer to Enno: Either remove or dispose of Asya, and the Winter Court would give him that which he holds closest to his being – the head of his nemesis. Because the Red Court had a bit of an alliance with the Winter Court, allowing them free passage in and out of the Never Never via the Winter Court’s doing, they held that relationship quite dearly. No matter how influential and how powerful any one individual Red Court vampire might be, the head of the Red Court would not hesitate to hand over that powerful individual in exchange for keeping the path to the Never Never open. With the promise of any one Red Court Vampire in exchange for Asya’s departure, Enno could not possibly refuse. With a sworn oath and an eerie handshake, the deal was sealed.

Following William’s departure, Vivian made her way back to the Casino level, and when she exited the elevator, she noticed Asya. Though she didn’t approach the wizard, she watched for a bit, only to see her joined by Nigel. Although there was no lust or even passion involved, Nigel gave Asya a greeting with kisses on each cheek before leading her toward the restaurants. Vivian hung back somewhat while they entered Tableau, eventually getting a table for herself so she could watch what was going on.

Asya and Nigel made small talk until Asya grew tired of it, asking Nigel what he wanted. She was rather busy with certain problems in the city. Nigel then got down to business, stating that he would like to hire her, since he had no access to any more wizards with Anton and Ryuu gone. She stated that she didn’t really need to be affiliated with the Court, seeing as one of the members basically had her blacklisted with the NGC. Nigel assured her that he had nothing to do with it, so they went on to discuss what her involvement would be as a White Court-hired wizard, and following that, Nigel slid a napkin with a very large salary scrawled on it. Just then, Vivian made her move.

She confronted Nigel about what he was doing with someone who was intent on the downfall of the city – or some other over-dramatization of what Asya was capable of. As the conversation heated, Nigel excused himself from Asya and pulled a fighting Vivian toward the kitchen. Only once they were alone in the walk-in freezer (after Nigel barked the single word of “out!” to the employee who was just doing his job) that Nigel released her arm with Vivian replying with a scowling “OW!”

He indicated that people could hear them, so Vivian played along, disputing his decision, essentially issuing an ultimatum of “It’s her or me”. Nigel cautioned her about her words, but she stood firm in her convictions, stating that she couldn’t wait for Nigel to come crawling back when he realized that Asya’s presence in the city was a horrible mistake. He said that he knows that Vivian would pose no threat to the city, but Asya needed guidance, and he would rather have an extremely powerful wizard working for him than against him. Vivian then sealed her fate by calling Nigel a coward. The conversation continued for a brief moment afterward, before Nigel returned to the table.

A fuming Vivian (fuming because Nigel would consider Asya a more valuable asset than herself), she got in her car and tore out of the hotel. With the intention of just driving recklessly for a while, she received a phone call. She answered with an uncharacteristic “Vivian Harding”, and was greeted by Enno on the other end of the line. He could tell that there was something amiss with her, and asked her if she’d like to get some dinner.

Vivian stated that she didn’t have much of an appetite, and Enno suggested drinks. Vivian asked where he was, because she would go and pick him up. She circled around and squealed her tires at the Venetian as she raced off with Enno in the car. With another shriek of rubber and its accompanying burnt rubber smoke, she pulled into the parking garage of the Blue Martini. They made their way to the bar, where the hostess offered them a table or perhaps a private room – they opted for the latter.

Once in the room, they basically had the drinks coming like water and they discussed their days. Vivian was in horrible shape because she’d essentially screwed herself over with House Raith. Enno responded with a “Welcome to my world.” To Vivian, it was horrible, namely because she’d never been on her own; she’d always had the support of her house and William, and now she’d lost everything.

Distracted in her self-pity party, she and Enno discussed Asya and the fact that she’d become a thorn in the side of the city, and it was agreed that the plan to get her out of the city by whatever means necessary was a good one. They tried to come up with a list of people who might help. She said that Shawn and Shane – well, the Winter Court as a whole – couldn’t stand her. Enno asked about Drake, and Vivian said that he was fully supportive in getting rid of her the first time. It was decided that Enno would seek help from Drake.

As they parted company, Enno making his way on foot up to the Excalibur, Vivian left the private room and sat in the main area of the bar, only to be joined by her father. Her discussion with him was as pleasant as any discussion between Vivian and Michael Harding. Eventually she confessed that she was out of House Raith, and would be moving out of Encore to the Palms (after she had to explain that she hadn’t spoken to Joe MERCADO, but Joe and Phil MALOOF). Michael said that the offer he made when he returned still stood. She was skeptical of his words, and stated that if such an offer even existed, she’d need it from more than just a former House Raith vampire, but one who was actually affiliated by blood to the Montegna house.

He understood her reservations, and she continued her tirade against him, several dirty martinis deep into her own world of sorrows. She insisted that if it was anyone else speaking, she might actually believe him but since she couldn’t rely on him throughout her life, now wasn’t a time to start. He then went on to explain that she of all people should understand why he did what he did. In distancing himself from her, there was no danger involved, but long and short of it was, he lost Vivian’s mother, and she was all he had left of her. If they had been anything other than what they were, it would have been different, but she knew why he couldn’t love her. She retorted with a “the least you could have done was told me so I could have been normal” guilt trip which didn’t work. He stood to take his leave, and Bartleby came over with yet another martini for Vivian, and offered them some privacy. Michael thanked Bartleby, but declined, saying he was leaving, but perhaps he and Vivian could take up the conversation when she was sober. Vivian replied with a “You say that like I plan on being sober.” Bartleby reminded her that she had her father’s metabolism, and Vivian was well aware of the fact that he didn’t buy that she was drunk. Her interpretation of ‘sober’ had to do with Michael implying that she would come to her senses. Fact was, she would never see things his way.

While Vivian was dealing with daddy issues, Enno went to visit Drake to ask for his assistance in getting Asya out of the city. Drake was curious as to why he would do that, considering how he was looking to hire Asya to help with the Anton problem. He also casually mentioned that Enno now had a warrant out for his arrest – by name. Enno was taken aback by that revelation, much as Drake was taken aback by Enno’s explanation of the bargain struck with the Winter Court. He wondered aloud why removing Asya from the city was so important to the fae that they’d offer Enno his heart’s desire. Enno asked if Drake was implying the Winter fae were behind the city’s recent trouble, which the dragon denied in a noncommittal fashion. While informed of Nigel’s intention to hire Asya, Drake said he would have to have words with the Raith leader on the matter. After a discussion, where Drake issued a warning about priorities to Enno, they came to the agreement that Enno would help Asya with the Anton situation, but once that was handled, Drake would support Enno’s efforts to rid Las Vegas of Miss Markovic.

Enno called Vivian to give her the update, and she seemed rather intoxicated. She didn’t much care for the news Enno gave her, having wanted to get Asya out of the picture as soon as possible. After the phone call, she got into her car and raced back to Encore to pack stuff from Surrender. While she was in her office, putting things in boxes, a knock interrupted her. Kyle entered and saw the boxes, then asked if she was remodeling. She said it was more of a reorganization.

Kyle thought that she was firing him and she shook her head as she made her way to the fridge in the office, offering him a drink. Vivian explained that she was the one leaving, and Kyle insisted that she was the owner of the club – without her, it wasn’t Surrender – and they couldn’t just fire her. She pleaded, teary eyed, with him to take care of the club. He was the one person who cared about the club as much as she did, and she didn’t want to see anything bad happen to it. He said that he would quit, and they could go somewhere else and start from scratch. Vivian nearly begged Kyle (who had punched the wall and bloodied knuckles in the process) to not do anything drastic, and promised him that once she landed on her feet, she would call him, and told him that she could always be reached by cell phone if he needed anything. She just knew she was no longer welcome at Surrender.



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