As The Chips Fall

Damage Done

Time for Control

(Author’s note: This is going to be pretty short and sweet… I barely remember the game. Have details? Feel free and encouraged to fill them in.)

Soteria had approached Drake to speak about the dark magic that seemed to have inhabited her heirloom bracelet. She wanted to know if he could remove what seemed to be a curse from it, since the bracelet seemed to cause madness in those who put it on, and even in those who touch it. Drake advised against assaulting the magic that was imbued upon the bracelet, namely because if the person who had enchanted the bracelet was powerful enough to invade the minds of someone who wore it, it might not be a good idea to piss that wizard off. Soteria suggested that it might not be a good idea to have a wizard that powerful running around Las Vegas.

Drake wanted to know what Soteria wanted to do. She decidedly wanted to murder the wizard who has claimed her bracelet. Without bitch slapping her again, Drake asked if she’d ever fought a wizard before, to which she replied that she hadn’t. He gave her back her bracelet, and she asked if it was safe to wear, and he said if she could touch it, he couldn’t see why it wouldn’t be safe. Unfortunately, she hadn’t touched it, so she didn’t know.

Soteria returned to the 4 Queens hotel and spoke with Terpsichore, who was practicing a dance of sorts – one that could kill anyone watching, should the muse so choose. She asked for advice on how to kill a wizard, and was reminded that wizards are mortal, so anything that would kill a human being would kill a wizard as well. Terpsichore reminded her, though, that a wizard’s constitution would allow him/her to recover with enough time, if the initial blow wasn’t fatal. It was decided that a bullet would probably be the best way.

Vivian picked Bruce up from the hospital and while she had tried to discourage him from staying with her, she did give in and say it would be fine. She drove him to his place, and when he asked where they were going, she asked him if he planned on spending the next month or so in the same shorts and t-shirt. She also wanted to take some time to speak with him about why she was discouraging his visit.

Like a huge weight being lifted, Vivian spilled the entire ruse to Bruce, explaining that she was essentially on a very dangerous assignment to bring down her father, and quite possibly House Montegna in the process. She went on to explain things about Simon, and the fact that Giovanni had thought that Bruce had been killed, and she felt (at the time) that it was best to let Johnny continue thinking it. However, Bruce explained that outright lying would be looked at badly from someone like Giovanni, if he was all Vivian had suggested he was. He gave her a strategic means of getting out of the lack of correction during the meeting with her father.

The next morning, Vivian had gone to visit Maggie Raith, as planned, but she was far worse than she had been during Vivian’s previous visit. While she may have been more distant, she still referred to Vivian as Laura, and that was something Vivian made a note to look in to at some point. After she left the convalescent home, she returned to the Palms, where she ran in to Soteria, who was still bruised from her altercation with Drake. They shared a girly moment, and Soteria asked if Vivian wanted company on her visit to the Bellagio. Vivian declined, namely because she didn’t know how long her meeting with Giovanni might go.

The meeting with Giovanni was to go over her contract with the Palms; she wanted to break ground on changes to the Palms Place pool and attached club as soon as she could. The meeting with Giovanni went as well as it could, considering the parties involved, though Johnny seemed to be warming up to her (as much as he could warm up to anything). She explained the process she’d been undergoing to improve his reputation throughout the city – explaining that she wasn’t trying to claim his personality was any different than it was, but that he was a very good thing for the city. He in turn tasked her with figuring out who to name as a successor to Oscar Goodman. Johnny revealed that he’d purchased the Palms hotel, and that she could start work there as soon as the transaction cleared.

Although she was still showing signs of defeat at the hands of a dragon, Soteria followed through with plans to train with Alexis. Drake set everything up, and the two met in the warehouse district on the east side of the valley. They sparred for a little bit, but were interrupted by an arrogant German Red Court vampire. Alexis recognized immediately that they should get out of the warehouse, since it was dark and knew that Enno would have excellent vision, now that he’d turned. Soteria, on the other hand, wanted to fight.

If anyone said that Soteria didn’t have any amount of viciousness in her, they would have no clue what they were saying, but the fact was, Soteria was outmatched as far as speed and strength were concerned, even in tiger form. Pipe bombs and night sticks flew around for a little bit, but eventually Alexis ran off, Enno taking chase, leaving Soteria alone and unclothed, since the Molotov cocktail defense (courtesy of Alexis) found a casualty in Soteria’s clothing.

With Enno having run after Alexis, Soteria hid between shipping containers for a few hours. Shortly before daybreak, as things were beginning to stir around the yard, she tried picking the pocket of one of the men on site. He caught her, but when she politely asked to use his phone, he graciously handed it over to the naked redhead, after offering his jacket – an offer she refused.

Soteria, looking rather worse for wear, with bloodied hair and bruised face and, well, naked, didn’t call the police or an ambulance, or any type of rescue group, but opted to call Vivian. Since it was so early, Vivian was fast asleep beside Bruce, and it took her a little while to realize who was on the phone. She agreed to go pick up Soteria, brought some clothes that she knew wouldn’t fit the weretigress, but figured that the tank and skirt would be better than naked, even if the clothing was tailored to the 5’11” vampire’s frame.

When Vivian showed up at the yard to pick up Soteria, and thanked the men for taking care of her. Once in the car, she continually poked Soteria to keep her from sleeping, since the amount of blood in her hair might have suggested that she had suffered a concussion. Vivian called Drake, when Soteria mentioned that she’d been training with Alexis, hoping that Drake could tend to Soteria’s wounds. He suggested that perhaps the muses would be better suited for the job, but gave Soteria the choice of where to go. Vivian dropped Soteria off at the 4 Queens, then drove to the Excalibur to speak with Drake. She said she brought the weretiger to the muses, but wanted to explain things personally. She left him with a rather cryptic “I’m sorry” – which could have been spoken from multiple angles, considering the plans in place by House Montegna.



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