As The Chips Fall

Contracts Honored and Proposed

With Bling!

After she finished her dealings with the local police, Soteria felt as though she needed a drink. She called Enno to go over what had happened, but asked him to just meet her somewhere close to where he was. He was in Chinatown, so they opted for the Sleeping Geisha.

When they met up, they discussed whether they believe that Asya was really dead. Soteria suggested maybe Asya faked her death to frame Vivian and gain her own credibility in the city of Las Vegas, but Enno dismissed that idea in that faking one’s death to gain popularity in a city seems like a roundabout way of doing so. After some small talk, Enno apologized to Soteria for not having any work for her, since most of what he had been doing required stealth and therefore no help – especially loud, boisterous, and terrifying tigers. The pair imbibed for a time, and eventually, Soteria called for the company car to bring her back to the Palms, where she, despite her drunkenness, had a passionate evening with George. Enno, made his way back to the Excalibur.

While at the Palms, Vivian was kissing Jay on the cheek just as the elevator opened to let Bruce out of the car. He no doubt saw Vivian in her silk robe and Jay’s hand sliding between her thighs as he exited, but Vivian made no effort to hide what was going on. Jay left as he gave Vivian a salute with the envelope she’d given him, and crossed paths with the FBI agent. Bruce confronted Vivian about what he’d walked in on, and Vivian was completely open and honest with him, explaining that she had asked Jay to pick up a letter to deliver to William so that William wouldn’t have to hear about what happened by rumors and hearsay. Because she was straight with him, Bruce accepted it at face value, and they had a lovely evening together. Had he noticed that she didn’t drain his life force from him, he didn’t give her any indication of it.

While Soteria and Vivian were having respective fun at the Palms, Enno took a shower then proceeded to call Jay, stating he was getting ready to turn in for the night, though didn’t quite feel like doing so. Yes, Enno can be subtle. Jay said that he had to work, and Enno asked if it would be OK if he stopped by. Jay didn’t see a problem with it, though he knew he was rather busy filling in for William in his absence. As he made for the Wynn Enno grabbed a knife that he had stolen for Jay during an earlier shopping trip to buy throwing knives of his own, because nothing says “thanks for being a friend with benefits” like a big, sharp buck knife.

When Enno arrived at the Wynn, he was surprised to see Jay in what looked like a suit, but when Jay rose to his feet, he was clearly himself – jeans and cowboy boots. The pair hit it off once more, and after Jay locked them in the office together for a time, Enno found himself completely exhausted. He didn’t overstay his welcome, but left with time enough to get some decent sleep before his busy day of murderization.

Soteria woke the next day, and George had already left to go about his normal business. She decided to take advantage of the time to head to the Four Queens and check in, and even work a shift. She went to check in on Thalia, but when she arrived, Thalia seemed to be asleep with a mask over her eyes. Soteria opted to write a note, stating that she missed the muse and… Thalia commented on her note, stating (without looking up) “If you miss me so much, why is it you’re spending time with a man?” Some apparent jealousies were exchanged, and Soteria admitted that she was with George for financial reasons – with him wrapped around her finger. Thalia suggested that if he was wrapped so well, perhaps she could get him to invest some capital in a remodeling of the Four Queens hotel.

In the meantime, Vivian made her way to the pool, did some laps, then invited Bruce into the shower before she had to get to her meeting, for which she was slightly early, even though her host was late. She sat at the Prime Steakhouse at the Bellagio, anxiously awaiting the arrival of Giovanni Montegna. He showed a few minutes later. She rose and gave him a friendly peck on each cheek, and after he helped her into her seat again, he immediately started rubbing her upper shoulders and neck. As he rubbed her skin with his hands, he casually asked questions of her – namely about her falling out with her House.

Vivian answered the questions quite honestly, figuring that it was quite likely that Johnny already knew the truth (she hoped he was only aware of the truth she and Nigel were portraying, rather than the actual truth). When Johnny took his seat across the table, he quickly got down to business. Vivian was well aware of how the Don of House Montegna did business, and he was quick to tell her that he isn’t as tolerant of things as Nigel was. He also explained that he didn’t like the idea of a rogue vampire of the White Court roaming about the city. He knew she could quite easily pick up and seek asylum with her grandparents, but he also knew that she loved the city too much to ever leave it.

No, he wanted her to work for him – because she had something to offer, and therefore had some value to him. He wanted her to be a Human Resources officer – emphasis on the Human part – and help build his reputation around the city. He also explained that he knew of her relationship with an FBI agent, and had a business that was under investigation by them and wanted all charges dropped. He gave her a week to do so. He also asked her what her take was on the Palms. He said he could take financial control of the hotel, and Vivian seemed nonchalant about it. She said that if that was the case, she planned on helping revamp the club and pool, and she wanted full ownership of the business. Proposals and contracts would be exchanged.

As the meeting came to a close, Johnny excused himself without eating, since he had other meetings to tend to. She told him she understood. After he left, she had virtually no appetite. The maître’d understood that, since Montegna scared the living crap out of him. Out of politeness to the chef, she ordered a salad, which she tried to stomach as much of it as possible, but left about half.

Vivian and Giovanni wasn’t the only meeting going on at the time. Enno had a date with death, and if he played his cards right, it wouldn’t be his own. He made his way to the bathhouse he’d previously staked out, knowing that Xue Tseng was present for his normal appointment. When the attendant left to allow each of them time to change from their clothes, Enno made his move, swiftly disposing of the life of the Triad leader. As he was washing the blood from his hands and self, fighting back his mounting hunger, he was interrupted by Xue’s bodyguards. Double murder of the guards left him to find his way out, opting for a back exit through the kitchen. Unfortunately, the door was locked, so Enno made use of his affinity for intimidation, eventually getting the key from the head chef and fleeing to the alley behind the bathhouse.

With emergency vehicle sirens having arrived at the scene, their flashing lights blocking off either end of the alley, Enno deftly lifted a manhole cover and dropped into the sewer below Chinatown. He tried to wait it out, but moved farther into the tunnels just in time, before the police began spying down the hole. He exited the sewer and found a few vagrants searching for food and clothing in the various alleyways. His hunger was overwhelming, and he gave in, though not wholly. The bum’s blood alcohol level was high enough to cause Enno to feel slightly lightheaded – enough that he could forget about the hunger long enough to make his way back to his room.

In the meantime, Vivian returned to her room, with the hopes of fleeing with Bruce to her boat. When she opened the door, Bruce was dressed in a suit, apologizing in writing for having to leave. He stood up and crumpled the note and explained that he needed to go in to work. She didn’t like that idea, and nudged at him with her Incite ability, but he quickly stopped her. He had to deal with the death of a crime boss who was in charge of an international syndicate. She pouted but let him leave. She needed time to think about things, still not certain that she actually agreed to work for Johnny. She desperately wanted to call Nigel and explain things, but opted to just head to her boat on her own.

With Enno in the sewers and Vivian on her boat, Soteria was busy after a shift, trying to make good with Thalia, but when she went to the muse’s room, there was no answer. Soteria was about to return to the Palms, but as she was walking through the lobby of the Four Queens, she overheard a few local fae talking about someone who looked as though she’d been beaten. Soteria badly faked that she was sending a text message, and the phone started loudly spitting out obnoxious dance music, causing the two fae to stop their discussion. After helping her with her phone, Soteria asked about what they were talking about – curious as to who looked like she’d been beaten. The two fae stated that the one in question was none other than Thalia. That prompted Soteria to return to Thalia’s room.

Still no answer at the door, she forced her way in and was greeted with a scene similar to what she’d seen at Asya’s. She quickly looked around for something to use to mop up blood, deciding on the ice bucket’s plastic bag. While she was cleaning the room, she found a key stuck to the floor in the bathroom, which she kept. With everything cleaned up, she wrapped the bag of blood in a towel and put it in her purse, then left the hotel to call Vivian.

When Vivian answered the phone, Soteria asked how tight her hold was on Bruce (Soteria doesn’t waste time!). Vivian said it was getting thinner, which Soteria didn’t like hearing. “Do you think he could get blood tested without any questions asked?” Vivian said no, but suggested the lab facility near Sunset Park. Soteria proceeded there, dropped off the blood, asking for DNA testing to determine who it belonged to. It would cost her a decent amount and wouldn’t be quick, but a few Ben Franklins later, and she was on her merry way to the airport to find out what the key was for.

She opened the locker and took the carry on bag back to her room at the Palms. She looked inside and saw jewels and gold, though there was no way that she would have been able to carry the bag. Still, she lifted the gold coins and they seemed to be the weight they should be. Soteria ended up dumping the bag out on the bed, but gold and jewels just kept falling, until it started spilling off the edges of a king sized bed. Just as she emptied the bag, the doorbell to her room sounded.



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