As The Chips Fall

Blood Abound

And some lesbian action

Enno received a call from Asya, stating that she was finished with her gooey potion that would help him isolate the wizard who created the Unmen, and that he could come and pick it up whenever he was able. He said he was going to gather up Soteria and make his way over to get the goo. When he contacted Soteria, he found out that she was at the Palms, and made his way to the hotel.

Soteria and George had enjoyed a rather pleasant evening together, so when Soteria agreed to meet Enno, George was curious. He knows that strippers often have side jobs, and he was wondering why she might be headed out with a guy. Soteria said he was a friend and they do work together. George told her that he’d like to meet this friend of hers. She was fine with it.

When Enno appeared in the lobby, Soteria met up with him, and gave him the present she had worked on for him. Enno was curious about whether he’d missed some sort of holiday. She just shook her head, handed him the package, and told him there was someone who wanted to meet him. She brought him to meet with George who proved to want to interrogate.

“What is it you two do together?” he asked. Since they hadn’t had a chance to get the story straight, Enno said they consult on some jobs together, to which Soteria nodded. George wasn’t buying the story, especially when the pair said that they “clean” together. Since neither seems the maid type, George pushed the issue. Eventually, Soteria confessed to everything, but did so in such a way that it sounded like pure sarcasm. He pressed forward with questions, but decided to just let Soteria head out with Enno.

As they were heading out, walking through the casino to the exit, Enno was approached by a few members of the hotel security staff. He wasn’t certain why he would be stopped – so he claimed – and security apprehended him, ushering him to a conference room to hold him for local authorities. While Soteria wasn’t kept from joining him in the room, she did remain close to the door, fleeing when she recognized the cop they’d beaten up (well, Enno had beaten up; she’d just watched). Enno was arrested and taken away in handcuffs to the Clark County Detention Center.

Meanwhile, Vivian and Bruce made their way to the motorcycle dealership to pick up the beast that Vivian had custom ordered. Bruce was a little intimidated by the bike, and Vivian was just amused. He said he had to head to work, and Vivian nodded, asking if she would see him later, and he said he would text or call if he was going to be kept late at work. With her new toy, Vivian became rather intimately acquainted with its curves and crevasses before she rode around the valley to return to the Palms. She decided to stop by George’s office to see if he would have time to discuss whatever sort of business he had hinted at when she moved in.

Upon arriving at his office, Vivian was greeted by Soteria, who was having a somewhat heated discussion about Enno with George. She asked Vivian to come back, and George invited her in anyway. Despite any awkwardness in the room, Vivian got down to business and said that she knew he wanted to discuss something with her, but then Bruce and Soteria were included at her place so business wasn’t addressed. George said he would be happy to discuss things with Vivian at a later time. She took her leave and went to the Palms Place Pool to take in some scenery.

Soteria and George concluded their conversation, leaving it at the fact that Soteria would not be permitted to see Enno, at least not until he was absolved of his accusations.

During this time, Enno was held in an interrogation room, and waited for someone to question him. As luck would have it, a well-dressed blond arrived – one who was dressed well enough to indicate he had a higher position than simple officer. No, it was Agent Walker, presenting Enno with an offer: he would be released, charges dropped, in exchange for his sworn blood oath to act as Bruce’s liaison with the supernatural community as well as potentially act as … well… a supernatural cleaner of sorts, should the need arise. As it was essentially an offer he couldn’t refuse, Enno accepted, signing a very elaborate looking contract on parchment, in his own blood.

After Soteria was excused from George, she headed down to the pool area where she met with Vivian. She explained that Enno had been arrested, and George had forbid her from seeing him. The fact that Enno had been arrested didn’t faze Vivian, and she said she’d see about changing George’s mind on the Enno front. Soteria asked Vivian how she was doing and Vivian was happy that she’d picked up her new toy, but as she mentioned it, she became apparently sad. Soteria could see that Vivian wasn’t happy, and gave her a hug.

The hug was what Vivian’s Hunger was waiting for, the contact made Vivian incite emotion in the weretiger, and before they could consider their surroundings, the two women were kissing. Because her Hunger had been surfacing, it became visible, Vivian’s skin paling and cooling, her eyes taking on a grayish/silverish hue. They made their way up to Vivian’s penthouse villa and proceeded to discover one another until Soteria reverted into tiger form and slept. Vivian continued stroking the tiger’s head and neck for a time before drifting off to her own sleep – troubled, but still sleep.

In the morning, Soteria awoke in the second strange bed in as many days, but quickly realized she was at Vivian’s. She shifted to human form, and made her way out to the pool deck where Vivian was sitting quietly, keeping watch from afar over the Strip. Soteria had been quite sexually sated by Vivian (and Vivian was quite satisfied by Soteria), but Vivian seemed pretty emotionless as they spoke. Soteria offered to leave, and Vivian said that she’d ordered up breakfast, so there was no rush to leave. She went on to spew out the clichéd “it’s not you, it’s me” line. She was regretting not the sex with Soteria (though Vivian isn’t typically into women), but regretting that she’d given in to her Hunger yet again. In short, her own weakness was leaving her unnerved.

Soteria did leave Vivian’s villa and made her way to speak with George. Rather than coming out with what had happened, Soteria spent her time trying to figure out what to tell him about where she was the previous night. He knew she was lying at first, and she did eventually say where she had been and that Vivian just had that certain something about her. She took her leave from George’s office.

Shortly after Soteria left the office, Vivian stopped by and was shown in. “If it isn’t Miss Irresistible herself,” George joked, and Vivian’s first reaction was ‘Oh god, people didn’t see what happened at the pool!?’ He assured her that the only photos he knew of were on the security cameras. The pair finally got to the meeting George had hinted at a few days earlier, and stated that he’d like to have Vivian do for the Palms what she’d done for Encore. People were curious about what Las Vegas’ Sweetheart’s next project would be. Vivian didn’t refuse, but she also didn’t say yes. She said she’d think on it.


Soteria called Enno when she found Asya in the tub, and she said she would contact William and Nigel, and then call 911. Enno said he’d talk to Vivian, which he did. His call was answered by Vivian wanting to make sure it was Asya and not an elaborate hoax made to look like Asya.

Soteria called William, but got his voice mail (a charming “I’m afraid I can’t take your call because I’m out of town, but I assure you I miss you as much as you miss me” message). She contacted 911, and they said they’d send someone to the scene. She also called Nigel, who wasn’t available to talk to her. He returned her call while she was speaking with the responding officer. She hoped her cryptic “Can’t do dinner tonight, It looks like Asya killed herself” message would be properly conveyed to Nigel.

Enno decided to unwind with a little bit of Sake in Chinatown, and while he was there, he was recognized by a young Asian man who asked him what kind of rate he would charge for ridding the city of an old man. After some conversing, Enno arrived at a figure of $50,000 which seemed entirely reasonable to Seung Tseng. He was handed a package with information in it about an old man (Xue Tseng). Enno proceeded to check him out.

Vivian, however, was intent on getting to the bottom of the Asya apparent suicide thing. She contacted Tina and asked her to meet at the safehouse. Without thinking, Vivian asked Tina to show up as Vivian. When they were both them, the started talking, Vivian asking questions aloud, and Tina responding with illusions written in the air. Vivian asked for a list of who could do what Tina does. Tina came up with a list of “Muses, Ravenscroft, Drake, Bartleby, and Visiting Fae (I think I’m forgetting some)” and possibilities in the form of Goldsmiths. While Vivian didn’t want to send Tina in to try to find out what the Winter Court was up to, she wanted to know about anything that would link the ‘suicide’ to the Winter Court. Vivian then gave Tina a secret cell phone number and asked her to text any information to that number.

Across town, Enno was spying on a bathhouse that Xue Tseng was known to frequent. He was basically hoping to study patters so he knew his best plan of attack.



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