As The Chips Fall

Bitter Bitter, Sweet Sweet

Short Term Revenge To Follow

Insisting that she could kill Enno if she had his swords, the session opened up with Soteria looking to speak with Drake. When she arrived at the Excalibur, Mr. Brandt was nowhere to be found – on the surface. His secretary showed Soteria to his chambers, through a secret opening in his office. Soteria didn’t find it overly strange that the secretary didn’t escort her into the elevator, but just endured the extremely long trip to Drake’s private chambers.

When the door opened, Soteria stepped out into a world that was unlike anywhere in Las Vegas (except maybe her room at the moment) – surrounded by gold and weaponry that you just don’t see around anywhere else. As she entered, Drake greeted her, and asked why she was there. She wanted to tell him about Enno. He kept saying that he was well aware of his infection. Finally, after going back and forth like a short tennis match, she told him that Enno took a life. That changed things.

So, Soteria insisted that she wanted Enno’s swords so she could kill him with them. Drake thought it amusing that she had as much fight as she did, and brought her over to the weapons room, handing her a pair of swords. When Soteria said they weren’t Enno’s swords, Drake chuckled, telling her that he needed to know that she could handle swords well enough to entrust her with a pair of holy artifacts – more importantly, to know she could handle herself with a set of swords against someone who has been practicing and mastering the art of swordplay for longer than a day and in reality, rather than just in thought.

She fought kind of valiantly, even managing to get in a few parrys to actually strike the dragon, who came out unscathed despite the sharpness of the swords. However, Drake was faster than her (something Enno would also be – he was fast before turning, and turning would make him even more so), and far stronger. He tossed her like a rag doll toward the ceiling, and on her way back down, she tried to throw a sword at Drake. Unfortunately for Soteria, he caught it, and had now managed to get one of the two swords.

The purpose of the exercise wasn’t to humiliate the weretiger, but more to show her that she wasn’t ready to face someone who has all but devoted his life to practicing and perfecting the art of killing by way of the sword. He suggested that he ask Alexis to train Soteria with swords, and as he was musing, Soteria attacked him again. Without realizing (or maybe just without considering) his mythic strength, he slapped at his attacker, launching her across the room and rendering her unconscious.

Vivian, while Soteria was making her way toward the Excalibur, was on her way to the hospital, where she was going to check on Bruce. She knew he hadn’t been doing well, though the doctors had said he would pull though. She spoke with doctors for a bit, then entered his room to see a frail shell of the man she had come to grow quite fond of. He was sedated, that was obvious, but he looked – small. Sure, his shoulders were as broad as always, but he just seemed fragile. She carefully took his hand in hers and just sat with him. There was no response from him, but she insisted on holding on to his warm hand.

But the temperature in the room around her seemed to change as she was holding on to his hand; the already cold hospital temperature dropping several degrees as Vivian’s hunger grew. She didn’t realize that she was, in fact, transferring her own life force into Bruce – something unheard of among White Court Vampires (or at least unspoken of). She released his hand as the reality of what she was somehow doing set in. The only thing she could think of was “What the hell?” and knew that she desperately wanted to ask Nigel what happened. Knowing she couldn’t ask him, and knowing that her Demon was taking hold of her thoughts, she fled from the hospital (where entirely too many doctors looked really delicious).

As Vivian got to her motorcycle, she got a call from Antonio Montegna saying that he caught wind of the fact that Enno Marx had turned full Red, and Vivian quickly made her way to Encore to tell Kyle. Fortunately for Vivian (not so much for the people sharing the road with her), her bike was fast and easy to weave in and out of traffic. She pulled up to the Valet at Encore, and didn’t even let them park the bike as she made her way directly to Surrender, which had just opened for the night. She told the doormen that she didn’t care if she could go in or if he came out, but she needed to speak to Kyle. Maybe it was her silvery eyes, maybe they could just tell she meant business, but her head doorman (um, formerly hers) made a quick call, and she was allowed entry.

She made her way straight up to the office, in spite of the looks she was getting from the House Raith members already at the club. When she knocked on the door to the office, Kyle let her in then stepped behind the desk. Vivian opted to stay close to the door. She had to explain to Kyle that Enno Marx needed to be kept away from the club and from Kyle – he’d turned and was dangerous (and Vivian knew just how hunger could make a person think). Kyle put in a call to Jay to make sure he was well aware of things, and that Enno was not to be allowed into the hotel, much less the club. Jay seemed to question where the information was coming from, but Kyle just said it was a reliable source. Vivian thanked Kyle for listening, then took her leave.

Soteria awoke in her room at the Four Queens, with a badly swollen face, and decided that she needed to talk to Terpsichore about taking a few days off. After taking a good look at her dancer, Terpsichore agreed, then wondered what happened. Soteria explained that she had met with Drake Brandt and they’d sparred. A little shocked, Terpsichore asked why Soteria would fight with a dragon, and Soteria explained that she wasn’t fighting with him, but got involved in a sword fight to show what she was capable of.

Terpsichore asked whether Soteria would see the dragon again, and she replied that he was setting things up to train with Alexis, so the response was likely a yes. When asked why, Terpsichore replied that she wanted to give the dragon a message. Soteria suggested that she do it herself, but Terpsichore played coy and said that when a lady wants to send a message to a gentleman, she does it through an intermediary. Soteria agreed to pass on the message, asked what it was, but apparently, Terpsichore hadn’t written it yet. Soteria took her leave and went back to her room to sleep off her massive headache.

Vivian was just getting started with a new headache, knowing she had to meet with Giovanni Montegna in regards to her contract with him, and his contract with her. She entered the Bellagio, expecting to head to a dinner meeting, but the agenda had changed, so she met with him in his office. Greeted by Antonio, who followed her into Johnny’s office, Vivian was put off, but didn’t show it. Even her Hunger gave her a break as she discussed business with Montegna.

They came to an agreement on his contract with her, after he explained that her means of watching over her father would be to work with him. As much as she dreaded the thought, she knew it would be the fastest way to get inside information that Johnny could use to get rid of Michael Harding. The sooner he was gone, the sooner she could drop her charade.

Although Johnny alluded to her buying up a bunch of shares from the holding companies at The Palms, she skirted the issue to explain her contract with him, and that she’d already started working on building his reputation in the city. She explained that if she could sell George Maloof on Montegna, it would be an easier sell to others. He understood her reasoning, and said he knew that selecting her as his PR officer was a wise choice.

With her meeting out of the way, she made her way back to the hospital to check on Bruce. But the problem she realized is that she couldn’t go see him with her Hunger egging her toward feeding, and deeply. She was on I-15 when she came across a stranded motorist who had no passengers, but had the kind of lean physique that further stirred her Hunger. She stopped, offering him a lift to the nearest garage, and he accepted. Of course, she wasn’t bringing him to a garage, but instead took him to the Fountainbleau abandoned resort. Still a construction zone that had long since seen any work done, she proceeded to feed on the unsuspecting motorist.

As she was about to climax, he gave in to his lust, and died as she took the last of his energy. Knowing she couldn’t keep a corpse in her car, she sloppily thought to herself that she would have to take care of things herself. Invigorated but disgusted with herself, she unceremoniously tossed the stranger over the construction fence, and drove a short distance away, changed into some workout clothes she had in her trunk, and jogged around the block, coming across the body and calling 9-1-1.

The police questioned her when she arrived, and she was fully cooperational, her lies seemingly convincing enough to push any sort of accusations away from her. Fully fed, she made her way to the hospital. When she got there, Bruce was still sleeping but looked better than he had the last time she saw him. The doctors were shocked at his improvement, and when she went in and took his hand, he roused enough to give her hand a squeeze. He tried to talk, and she told him not to, but he did say Enno. She asked if it was Enno who’d injured him, and he nodded. She said he was lucky he didn’t get hurt differently, and explained that Enno had crossed over to full Vampire. Bruce drifted off to sleep, and Vivian stayed with him for a while.

Speaking of sleep, Soteria had a strange dream involving talking masks and promises of treasure if she killed the muses, starting with Terpsichore. When Soteria awoke, she was in tiger form, and had pretty much trashed her room. She shifted back, and noticed a lapel pin in the shape of the mask that she’d seen in her dream. She went to speak to Thalia about the dream, and explain that people were looking to have the Muses murdered. Thalia seemed sort of calm about things, saying that it was a shame she didn’t have someone who could kill the would-be-murderer(s) before the muses could be killed.



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