As The Chips Fall

And On To Other Things

Just not yet... (Chance for input)

So, the adventure log is minimal for this past session. Reason being … well, several. But basically, the only RP that went on was for Soteria. That said, a few people were absent, and Jesse didn’t want to start a story arc with a few key characters not present.

First, the action –

Soteria awoke in a tastefully overdone room, which, the stationery in the writing desk indicated was a suite at the Venetian hotel. It seemed odd to her, though, since she didn’t remember ever checking in at the Venetian. Her memories were being shot at an abandoned resort, jumping through the window, and… not much else. That stands to reason, since she was knocked out by a rather large lead pipe wielded by a woman with dragon-infused strength.

Since she was in tiger form when she was rendered unconscious, it would only be natural for her to be naked, however, Soteria was in a rather modest nightgown that covered a good deal of her alabaster flesh. When she opened the armoire, she noticed that there were a number of different styles of clothes, all of which seemed to be her size. Even the underthings fit perfectly. So, the weretiger changed into some clothes and was about to call down to see if she could locate the only person she could associate by name with the hotel where she found herself: Shane Goldsmith.

As luck would have it, Soteria heard a knock on the door to the suite just as she arrived at it, and it was Shane (though it really could have been Shawn – one never knows through the distortion of the peek hole) with a room service cart with a number of silver domes atop it. Soteria opened the door and Shane explained that he figured she would be hungry, and had taken the liberty to bring her all kinds of high-protein foodstuffs (things like steak, eggs benedict, and other Atkins-type things).

When she asked how it was she ended up at the Venetian, Shane explained that it was Tina’s doing. She’d asked the Winter Court for help; namely for passage to the Never Never, which the Court granted for a price that didn’t concern Soteria or her relationship with the Muses. While in the Never Never, the bullet wound had enough time to heal, and any other damage that had been done to Soteria had a chance to be fixed.

She asked about whether anyone had considered telling the Muses of her whereabouts, but Shane shrugged and said that the Winter Court figured that if the Muses were to know about where she was, they would likely come to fetch her, and the Court decided they would give Soteria the chance to choose for herself.

“So, I’m free to go?” she asked. Which she was. Shane even said he would arrange for a car to get her to the 4 Queens.

After Shane left the room, Soteria scanned the clothes in the armoire again, to decide which of them were to her liking, and took them in a Laundry Service bag that had been hanging in the closet. Upon arriving at the 4 Queens, she went to explain to the Muses where she had been, and that she just woke up and just found out that nobody had told the Wyld Fae where they could find their pet weretiger. Although nobody made an issue of it, Terpsichore was somewhat passive-aggressive in her dismissal of the occurrence.

So, that was really what the adventure log consisted of for the session. It was a pretty short session, quite frankly. What did go on was that Jonathan, Kat, Jesse and I were plotting out the next scenario, and Jesse asked us what we’d like to see come up.

There will be a rather large-scale city-wide upheaval in the works, but to start, things are moving in the direction of the Fae, and better establishing the Winter Court within the city. The yet-to-be-named representative of the Winter Court has the potential to be a real pain in the ass. Then again, he’s fae, so what should we expect?

Is there anything that you’d like to see? Post it in the comments.



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